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Finally I have started on this blog which has been left idle here for over several years. Some might noticed that I deleted everything from the missions I have went on and others. That is a part that I would leave behind due to the painful experiences. The multiply blog had been converted to my private blog. Anyway there ain't much to see there actually. Just some old pictures and I am planning to take it down in due time.

I am still busy with my stuffs, so expect less posts than before till I have cleared things up.

To those Red Cross members who are currently on missions around the world, "May your god(s) keep you guys safe in whatever you do and wherever you guys may be".

And to the one lady who hated me so much so that you describe the hate as a hate to the core, I would suggest you speak to people who are my true friends to know me more. I wouldn't explain anything to you because it wouldn't change your perception after all. Just a word of advice, at times observing things and understanding them would be better for the mind. Seeing things as they are isn't going to bring you anywhere unless you understand the circumstances which things are done.

I would also need to apologize to some of my friends whom I have neglected over the past half year. I didn't do that on purpose. I may have offended you guys in one way or another as I haven't been myself due to the stress I am under going then. I prefer not to tell anyone except a few who really knew me well enough to have the privilege of knowing it. You guys may feel that I am bad and doesn't treat you guys as friends for leaving you guy clueless but also know I am one who wished to stay strong to handle things on my own. Yes, you guys might argue that I could have handled the stress easier if I would just tell you guys but for me, it would just mean that I delegate the stress to you guys or worse still add stress to your already stressed life. This happens when you don't know how to console me of things that had happened. I have been through worse times and all I need is time then.

Unfortunately I have to remain strong despite all the uncertainties (or certainties as I have already foresee what is going to happen after all). This is because there are those who relied on me as their strength throughout the time. Unfortunately, I brought the same stress down to the exam halls. Some would have noticed I am extremely tired in between classes that I try to get some rest whenever I can. Some would already know how I would be like when I don't have enough sleep. If I didn't reply to your hi(s) doesn't mean I am really ignoring you. It's just that there are thousands of things going in my mind at those moments and I am not even aware of my surroundings.

Thanks for those who tried to get me (or ease me) out of the situation and I really appreciated that. To those I have offended in one way or another, it's understandable if you guys need time to heal or even if those wounds doesn't heal, I would be understanding. I have no one to blame but myself. That's all. I need to continue with my work else I would need to burn the midnight oil.


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