Software Development Process

I came across this from my programmer friend. I guess the whole thing is true because it happens right here in my office.

1) Order the T-shirts for the Development team
2) Announce availability
3) Write the code
4) Write the manual
5) Hire a Product Manager
6) Spec the software (Writing the specs after the code helps to ensure that the software meets the specifications)
7) Ship
8) Test (The customers are a big help here. Doesn't this sound like one of the big company which produce the software you are using right now?)
9) Identify bugs as potential enhancements
10) Announce the upgrade program (sounds familiar like Microsoft right?)

I think this one is true for big companies but with the addition that they fire the old manager and rehire new ones after each cycle.

Ok This just came in from a friend who read this post the moment I post this up. Thanks Mike for sharing

"2 hours of broadband to ftp the Linux package, 15 cents.

CD's to burn the files, RM 1.

The knowledge that nothing on your computer is from Microsoft, priceless.

There are some operating systems that you don't need money to buy.

For everything else, there's Microsoft."


Calvin Soo KJ said…
me IT not really cannot comment much. hehehehehe :) how's your CNY...mine's absolute crap
Unknown said…
Back to work...

Work sienz, holiday also sienz...
Kellaw said…
Calvin no need be it savvy one
specs = specifications meaning what the software can do. if your is absolutely crap then wait till you hear about mine. mine is total poo. sick whole week. what could go worse. speaking of which. my angpau le?

mok same here lo. thats why first blog after holidays already on computers because i found out my comp went down ma
Calvin Soo KJ said…
i think this year's cny was jinxed. almost everyone i knew got sick. damn!!!
frags said…
Surely got internal test before shipping it off. :P
Kellaw said…
Theshi - internal testing would be minimal. what better way than get the users to screw things up and report? testing would be minimal most of the time.
Josephine said…
ps: Sorry, i think the MOK is me! I use the wrong account to drop comment yesterday. I am sick, that's why blur blur.... must be the medicine.....
sorry ya...
Kellaw said…
lol. JoBeLing - I thought which Karen Mok dropped by to give me a message lol. I am still sick. getting worse
frags said…
LOL...that just sounds wrong to me...Just because they want to minimise cost they think it's okay to outsource the testing to the customer.

So much for trouble free implementation? At least developers should think about minimising customer headache(that's the way I think of it at least).

If off the shelf software has elaborate testing, I don't see why commercial clients be excluded from that.

I know it's impossible to test for every single bug...but still :P I suppose competition is touhg that some companies have to make cuts somewhere...Not everyone can be an IBM :S
Kellaw said…
thesi - they dont outsource it to customer. they sell it as end product(which the customer pays for and end up testing for the company)

you think company like microsoft will bother if you get headaches? they will tell you it's a trial and run error thing. you see problem we solve it. happens everywhere all the time

shit happens. just hope you are not the one using when it crashes
Myhorng said…
that's the windows
Kellaw said…
normal la microsuck. haih
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