Don't be cruel to birds or attempt to kill them

Three bugger dies and goes to heaven. The first guy gets handcuffed to one of the ugliest girls in heaven.

He asks "Why? Why me and her for several times"

St. Paul got fed up with his constant nagging and replies "When you were nine, you killed a bird with a stone."

The same happens to the second guy. He asks why too.

St. Paul then replies "When you were nine you killed a bird with a stone too."

The third guy laughs at his friends and says, ''Thank God I didn't do anything like that or else I would be stuck like you guys.''

He is actually handcuffed to the prettiest girl in heaven.

The other two guys just couldn't get it so they ask "Why? Why he gets the prettiest girl around?"

St. Paul replies "That is because when she was nine, she killed a bird with a stone."

Can't get the joke? Click CTRL + A(select all)

That is because the guy is the ugliest guy around la. -_-" swt!!!

Moral of the story? Don't be too happy about things if you don't know the whole situation yet!


Anonymous said…
:D :D :D

next time i see any fren with a pretty girl, I will say she killed a bird with a stone, and he wont get it.
Maki Cabrera said…
hehe..funny! i actually got it.I've heard it from someone i couldn't place to remember the name..o'well,!!!i saw the red cross logo on the right..i'm an RCY..hehe.
Kellaw said…
lol. welcome tediber.(sounds like teddy bear only)

good lo. still active in red cross?
Reanaclaire said…
oh it is after 12.30am..and my brain just couldnt crack this joke.. gosh..
anyway, just wanna say happy valentine and i will follow u.. oh, i meani have become yr follower la..
Kellaw said…
lol. reana you can always come back in the morning and read again lol. happy valentine? sad liao. hahaha. for a while it made my heart stop when you say you will follow me. i thought for valentine lol. okla. go rest la. goodnight
Anonymous said…
Ahahahaha.... now that's funny. When she was nine, she killed a bird with a stone and ends up with an ugly guy. LMAO...neway, bro, Happy V-day to you. Nething special todae?
Kellaw said…
clef - no happy la. it's sad vday. can't celebrate. my parents didn't celebrate so i was dragged along with them
Josephine said…
aiyoh, I am about to eat bird nest leh.
Now eat or don eat?
Kellaw said…
jo - think properly hor. you want to kena handcuff? not my problem hor. hahaha
Maki Cabrera said…
oh..sorry.delayed response..
I'm not so active nowadays compared to my activeness in such field,a year ago.I'm studying college..and doesn't have that "so much" time..but I do pay a visit on my RCY home.especially when there'll be upcoming trainings and seminars.
Kellaw said…
lol. tedi better late than never right? well you can actually start a club in coll la.
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