Pants on fire while it's down

I was at my friends place some time ago and he is one who always bragged about how many girlfriends he has outside. Oh. By the way he has is married. We were having tea at his place because of some "business" proposals to settle. He was seating quietly reading his morning paper drinking coffee with me. Suddenly, his wife came from behind with a frying pan and almost knocked him senseless then and there.

Friend : What was that for? You know pain one anot?

Wife : Why do you have a piece of paper in your coat pocket with "Daisy" written on it?

Friend : Oh honey, don't you remember two weeks ago before the Chinese New Year when I went to the horse races? Daisy was the name of the horse I bet on.

His wife was satisfied with his answer and apologized for wacking him.

This morning I went to his place and the same thing happened. The wife came with a frying pan also and wacked him so hard on his head that he can barely stand up after that.

Friend : What is this for this time?

Wife : Your horse called.(PWNED!)

Moral of the story? Don't play 3 play 4 (commit adultery/cheat on your wife/gf/partner)


Bengbeng said…
intro the horse to me haha
Kellaw said…
I give you my friends no you go ask him la lol. his name is Donald by the way
Anonymous said…
HAHAHAHAHAH. i should remember to include this scene and the dentist scene in my story if i ever write one.
hate no 3 no 4 de men...somemore still wan to brag. tak tau malu how to write maybe =XX
PS, hope ur fren wont c it btw.
zewt said…
hahahahaha.... horse!!!! that's such a bad excuse lah. anyway, your fren really too much lah. married already weh!
Kellaw said…
renaye - which dentist scene? lol. write story liao have to pay me back royalty lol.

小歪 - haih. sad to say this kind of things always happen no matter how much you hate them. he see liao. that's why i never write real name. just put him as donald since his horse named daisy ma.

zewt - mana lu hilang so long eh? not bad ma. the horse let him ride le. hahaha. actually i know the daisy one. hahaha
Kellaw said…
now only know also not too late
Josephine said…
real story ar?
Ya, better be honest to ur wife.

But hor,be honest will be punished. Lie to wife, will be punished too after she finds out.

Wah, not easy to be a guy also leh.
Anonymous said…
Kellaw, I love u, I followed u, now FOLLOW ME BACk!
Just kidding.

Well only if u want to^^
Kellaw said…
Jo - real one la. not be honest. i would put it as be loyal instead. honest sure kena. if loyal then in the first place you wouldn't have this problem but you know la. sometimes the wife also at fault. colleague call then already say surely mistress or something. so how? you think easy be guy ar? come la. we exchange for a week. hahaha.

sg vicious - lol busty hot babe pulak. you don't simply say things here. later tonight i sleep outside like calvin(rainman) or worse still my ears will get elongated longer than buddhas lol. ok la i follow you la. lol
Linked you,baby <3
If your on technorati you will move up a rank.
eh? how come my comment doesn't show up. Moderation?
Nvm I shall post again.

Mr Vicious Cycle Would like to announce that Kellaw is currently linked with Him.
Kellaw said…
of course got moderation la. if i allow any tom dick and harry to post things like "i love you, kellaw" then i have a lot of explanations to do then. hahaha.

lol. do public announcement pulak
Anonymous said…
Your horse called. LMAO... good one. i would have done more than beating him senseless if i were the wife... *ROAR*

*sigh* Kellaw, I think this will be a bad year for me...busy macam nak mati!
Kellaw said…
clef - lol. if you are the wife, i doubt you will be able to do that much damage lol. you think yours is bad? wait till you compare with mine. mine is busy macam nak mati + always kena tibai/scold tak pasal pasal + bad luck since the start of the year. so who is worse now?
Myhorng said…
happy after CNY. back to read blogs again.

he is lucky his wife just hitting him. it could be worst.
Kellaw said…
yeah. later i will blog about worse conditions
Tekkaus said…
Your friend still didn't get STD? =)
Tekkaus said…
Your friend then got contract any STD onot? =)
Anonymous said…
Brader, at least you dun have an evil MIL... wait til you have one, then your luck is more worst than me. LOL.

Neway, I'm now worrying about the economy... aiyo, recession hits me hard. Hidup pun susah, mati pun susah... *sigh*
Lisa said…
that's all? she whacked him with that frying pan only??
Kellaw said…
tekkaus - why? you wanna get to know the horse ar? hahahaha

clef - i don't need a mother in law to make me suffer that much. i already have a mum at home. hahaha

lisa - you expected more? something like take knive stab him and then castrate him isit?
Unknown said…
thats quite a funny. he's lucky the wife only knock knock! :)
Kellaw said…
Quachee - I have seen worse cases when the husband is basically abused after that
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