132 silly things done? With a twist of course Part 1

You are required to answer ALL the following questions.
Tag more than 10 people and repost it with the title:
I've done ???? out of the 132 stupid things.

LOL I am not going to tag anyone ok? What makes you think I will do so? I will also not tell you which bad things I had done but you can have your guess through my comments lol. Got this from Sushi actually.

Level 1
Smoked A Cigarette(a big no no for me)
Smoked A Cigar(if the previous was a big no for me you think this will be a yes?)
Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex(wei dad count ar? but cant remember if I did. I know I am a bad son lol)
Drank Alcohol( this one is easy. hey chinese food often has alcohol lol) if you are talking in the case of pure alcohol then I haven't been smuggling alcohol from the lab to taste lo.)

Level 2
Are / Been In Love
Been Dumped(in the dustbin? I did at once dump a guy into those DBKL big green metal dumps in a fight)
Shoplifted(confused between being shoplifted and actually does the act lol)
Been Fired(you mean getting BBQed over fire by a bunch of sakais or what?)
Been In A Fist Fight(spectators counted anot? Part of it also ma. No meh?)

Ok Now go wait for part 2 la. I am busy le.

EDIT: Go for part 2 HERE
Go for part 3 HERE
Part 4 HERE


Myhorng said…
i like the last pic. awesomeness. LOL
Josephine said…
second pic very the "watt datt" two guys shared a bath tub
Kellaw said…
Myhorng - you can try that lol

Jo - not bath tub, it's hot tub. haha

david - thanks and returned your favor
Calvin Soo KJ said…
you in a fight?? sure or not??....lol
Kellaw said…
calvin - actually i did but that's a very long time ago. the outcome? hahaha - no one dared to disturb me anymore.
Anonymous said…
Wooots.... get dumped... LMAO.... sure smelly punya!
Kellaw said…
clef - not smelly not malaysia la
Wo Su Shyan said…
Since when i've became sushi? T_T i'm inedible!
Kellaw said…
sushi - got some sushi inedible one. hahaha
renaye said…
ooh. i have only tried drinking!
Kellaw said…
renaye - drink ok la but know where to stop lo
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