Ginger Bread man for xmas? No, I have better ones

Yayaya! I know if I don't start to show up people are going to miss me and thought I had gone missing. The past few days have been hell with only mobile connectivity due to some problem with my laptop. I know if I don't show up soon, I will be killed and there will be no blog entry anymore.

Okok back to the topic. What is better than ginger bread man? I was surprised this year to have found a better replacement for the traditional ginger bread man which taste awful anyways that my dog wouldn't eat it if you starved him for the whole day. Anyway the sad looking ginger bread man will make you feel guilty eating it. So what do I have in mind this Christmas which is better than having ginger bread man? It's called ginger snow man. Lolx. No of course.

Look Ma! It's a snowman. I am serious. I am not lying.
I never lie right? Here is the green one
Okok. I know you are going to say they are too cute to be eaten so lets have another option but what? Erm how about a Christmas Wreath to hang on your door?
Don't hang this on your door. It's edible. If you do hang, you will find it missing. Either the kids next door will have it or even the ants wouldn't give it a chance to stay there for over a day. Ok so you want something for the living room? How about a Christmas tree?
Something else for the kids? Erm...Let me think. How about some fun snow? What's Christmas without snow right? The kids would definitely love a snow fight. In this case it would be a combination of snow ball throwing and food fight.
Actually I don't know what are the white stuff(but definitely not what you dirty minded guys are thinking). Maybe you guys should give it a try and tell me what is it. Here is another one which looks like cartoon.
Feel hungry now? My colleague told me he just feel hungry looking at the pictures and asked me where is the store to buy all these located. Ok Let me give you a hint.
see the top right corner? still can't get it? Okok. More hint. At the bottom.
Still don't get it? Ok Last one before I give out the answer.
Get it? No. Ok Here is the answer.
Still can't see? NAH upclose and personal now. Get it?
You may ask what the f*ck is this drink. It's their latest drink called chocolate cookies ice blended latte. Long name huh but it's worth remembering as you will remember it once you taste it. There is the creamy coffee taste topped with chocolate cookie bits which gives a burst of cookie flavor while you are having it.
So just how good is it? I will let the staff tell you. Look at his gesture.
So if you want something new to replace the ginger bread man for Christmas this year, go drop by Krispy Kreme in Sunway Piramid for these new range. So whenever Christmas is near, think of good old snowman and not the ginger bread man.
I don't know how the doughnuts taste. I just took the pictures and gone back packing my favourite New York Cheese Cake and Original Glazed cause partly I was broke and there is none of the Christmas tree doughnuts left. No one belanja ma. So don't ask me how they taste. You wanna taste then go buy and remember to tell me how they taste. I only taste the ice blended latte.

Note: Oh yeah one more thing. Maybe the marketing staff in charge had gone drunk in one of the bars and couldn't find the ways to promote because I didn't get to know about these new range of doughnuts had it not been a visit for my regular dose of sugary rush. That's on Monday mind you and it's Saturday now. Still no advertisements.


Huei Ying said…
I guessed the white topping is dried coconut flakes. I don't know the exact name, something like that, maybe lol
theeggyolks said…
Maybe they are so confident that it's going to "SELL" very well even without ads =_="
Kellaw said…
mocha - nola its called white-iced snowball. nothing stated as coconut

theeggyolks - thats too much of a confidence dont you think? it doesn't get spread by mouth. no one knows about it unless you visit them there.
j_yenn said…
Someone's blogging about Krispy Kreme A LOT recently..... ;P
Kellaw said…
j_yenn thats the only place i can sit for hours online by paying rm2.30 for a doughnut only. haha. i pijak them at the end also ma.
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