Wacoal Sensuala Calender Girl Search(nosebleed pictures)

Note: This post is rated PG-15. Siu di di and Siu mui mui please get your parents permission before going over this post. I will not be held responsible if any of those small kids reading this post asking their parents, "Ma/Pa why that jie hie wear so little clothes and sexy one?"

It all started when I get 2 invites to the Wacoal Sensuala Calender Girl Search at Mist Club Bangsar from a good friend, Simon chui sui(simon blow water). Ok don't ask me where the other invite went. You will know soon.
The center of the walkway. Yeah we have a big screen showing teasers.

Oi stop looking at the screen on the top right corner. You will have the chance later.

This is where my other invite went. To my darling. See how many of you can actually bring your gf to a bra fashion show and not have her kill you when she hears about the idea?
All the hamsaplou photographer getting their guns cameras ready
Our emcee for the day. Can't remember her name but can only remember she torture me during the catwalk which I failed miserably
The launching of the new sensuala logo

First performance of the day

Hot? Wait till you see the next one
Sexy? Starting to nosebleed?
POLEDANCING!! Nosebleed yet? Wait la. More to come

The introduction of the calender girl finalists. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Want more? Stay tuned to this blog. Let me show you a preview of what is to come after that.
Nosebleed? Wait la. I am real tired. Loading tons of pictures takes time especially I am on Steamyx!! Always potong steam so I have no choice but to potong your steam lo rite? Curse Steamyx la. If you steam already and you are a blogger who wants to attend an event too. Here is something free you could win while waiting for me to upload the other pictures through turtlemyx. Head on over to serge aka dustyhawk's blog to win May'n concert tickets. He has 10 to give away so hurry!!


Elaine New said…
i duno bout u guys but the dancers' contumes and everythin makes them look.... cheap. haha.
its sexy... and slutty. wacoal shoulda have made it sexy in a fashionable way. haha. i duno. just personal opinion. =)
blur de Qi said…
im still siu mui mui wor~ wakaka XD
their pose so cool ya~ hehe ^^

u forgotten me ==" lolx!!
j_yenn said…
Wow. Can you do pole-dancing like that? LOL.......
Jean said…
you got clear photos of the pool dancing! lucky u! I was too far away.. all those men with huge camera blocking my sight..=p
Cathy Anderson said…
Wow Great Pics.
I would like to say about wacoal bras..wacoal bras ared great fitting bra. The wide straps make it comfortable, and the under arm isn't too high as in some models.. I love barely there bikinis
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