Funny: Free Mamak Wifi part 2

It's been sometime since I blogged about the mamak around my place. Read the old post here. The chinese new year had made most shops close for the whole duration so no food for dinner. So as a poor fella I relied on the good old mamak lo.

So it's been some time. Now they really have "wifi near the tree". The problem is if I am gonna use my laptop for a long duration, I need electricity right? So I asked the mamak.

Me: Neh, wifi kat pokok takde elektrik ke?(neh, wifi at the tree with no electricity?)
Neh: Lu duduk kat pokok dulu, nanti wa cari untuk lu.(you sit at the tree first. I will find for you later)
Me: OK!

5 minutes later.

Neh: Dey tambi, sini(hey, here) *the fella pointing to the back of the tree.
Me: Wuah pokok keluar elektrik ke? (Wuah. The tree generates electric?)
Neh: Yaya!!

Want to know how the tree generates electricity?





carmentancw said…
funny!!tat mamak stall so high class..^^
kewl!looks like the mamak did not finish high school XD..joking2
Kellaw said…
lol. funsized...

carmen - yeah high class one. you want wifi have to sit on tree one

kaoru - if he finished he wouldnt be working in mamak rite?
Spicy Sharon said…
funny wei. gosh.

spread some humour over to my blog. im getting pissed so often lately lol.
excalade89 said…
speechless, haha....
Unknown said…
Hahaha this is brilliant! Haha XD
Happy CNY (:
Kellaw said…
Mizzsharon - chill la. you can always come here for your laughs

victor - geng leh?

jas - thanks
sam_angel said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kellaw said…
sambruce & mich - thanks

baby - why tak boleh?
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