3 Months Rain Retreat(Vassa)

If you are wondering what I have been up to the past few weeks and for weeks to come here is a good update for those who doesn't know and for those who wants to know more about the 3 months retreat before Kathina... and oh yes... I am staying in a temple now... At the very least for the time being...

Actually I didn't edit this picture other than putting the watermark... Nice view eh?

One of my 2 favourite pet in the temple... Lisa... while waiting for chanting session to start... oops I mean while I wait for the chanting session to start and Lisa waiting for food... hahahaha.

Nightfall and everyone is gathered in front of the shrine lead by the monks for prayers.

Walking round the shrine

Preparation for offering of candles.. No not the small ones. See next picture to see the size... It will burn for 3 months

Waiting for prayers...

Prayers starts

And as I had promised... Another of the flower pictures I had taken... Happy Vassa to all buddhist....
looks like those plants in avatar doesn't it?


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