Dear Blog and Laptop

If you had noticed I haven't been visiting you both, please please don't be angry at me ok??? If you still need something or someone to blame on... BLAME MY NEW COMPANY for giving me a new laptop for work... I end up checking my company email and work more on the company laptop... But what has it got to do with Bloggie when only Lappie is the sad one right? My new company is good that they upgrade the RAM of my office lappie named Turtle for its speed. The problem is I can't install Photoshop to edit my pictures. Not that I edit my pictures but I find it hard to add watermarks over Microsoft pain paint. As such I can't blog that often... Which company I am in now? Erm.... I will give you a hint here...
Yes free keychain and free ice cream too... Not to mention they gave me a booklet of coupons for fruits. My way out if I really need an MC. Just use the whole booklet and I am sure to get a day off or even worse a week general hospital for chronic diarrhea obviously. Anyway I joined the dept in Genting for team building and managed to take some of the best pictures I had taken of flowers. Below is one of the samples. Not bad f0r a 5MP phone camera eh?

Maybe I will post one flower pic till I run out of them in my coming posts. Any ideas? Click for a larger pic. If you want to use the picture, please do credit me ok?


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