Boycott KFC!!!

Was at Queensbay today for a quick takeaway dinner before work. Yeah I work at odd hours when it comes to having meetings with my US counterparts. It was a normal takeaway till I saw the receipt... see below.

20 cents for plastic bag? To make it worse, I wasn't even told bout it. You know those shopping complex where a typical no plastic bag day comes with a notice at the cashier but there is no such thing in KFC. I could understand taking recycling bag to shopping but for KFC? Even McDonalds provide paper bags but KFC? Try holding the dinner plate box for half an hour. The box will turn soggy and the floor will end up eating your KFC. So if KFC is going to engage in such dishonest practice, I am just going to boycott it. Till they provide something like McD's paperbag and not charge customers silently that is.

You know I had a few bad experience with KFC but I still didn't really bother much. But what happened lately really made me feel disappointed. The other incident was the burnt burger that the KFC in Giant supermarket served. Even the replacement they gave me is the same till the manager took a look and ordered the whole batch to be replaced. Somehow I feel that they just dumped the burger and reuse the chicken fillet. Should I still go back to KFC?

*Note (20oct 8.41pm): The area manager called me up a while ago and apologized for the events that transpired. Good job in the fast response.


alien said…
I use to eat chicken at KFC
and prefer go to McD to eat burger
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