A Time to Give...

Remember the blog post I had about giving to the less fortunate(LINK HERE) "A Time to Give" Christmas charity programme organized by G Hotel for the fifth consecutive year? Well, that charity drive turned out to be real successful thanks to all the generous donations and also the especially the Hotel and it's staff in making it happen(Yes they literally turned into Santa's workshop days leading to the event)

Nothing beats happy kids happily unwrapping their gifts as if Santa is right there passing them their presents.

The best part is they share their joy with one another

A wrapped present with the wish card

Sharing is caring and in a way a gift is not only a gift for one single individual. It's a gift for more when it is shared.

Mr. Michael Hanratty (General Manager of G Hotel) helping one of the kids with his gift.

Finally.. Thanks to all the generous donors. You guys(and girls) did a great job!


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