MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles Review

After much hype in the Malaysia about MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles being listed as top 10 spiciest noodles by The Ramen Rater, there was a rush to try it and most places went out of stock with places like eBay selling a bundle of 4 individual pack of noodles for the outraging price of RM20 not including shipping. I finally laid my hands on 2 big boxes of these noodles. Yes that's 2 X Box containing 12 bundles of 4 packets each. Yes it's a total of 96 individual packets of instant noodles to be finished by this year end. Within a week, I now have 1 box and a single bundle left with much given to family members and close friends to really try it out.

So does it really deserve the top 10 place? Seriously in my opinion, it is far from being one of the top 10 spiciest noodles around. Simple comparison would have it go against a Mamee Chef Curry Laksa, it would have lost hands down on level of spiciness. But an honest comparison, the aroma does smell better for MyKuali. The smell still lingers in my head and the thicker noodles(compared to other instant noodles) does brings back memories.

Each bundle consists of 4 individual packs. Each bundle is priced at MYR6.99(If only you could lay your hands on them before they get sold out the minute they are out on the shelf)

The contents of each individual packet. The secret curry paste, seasoning powder, creamer and the noodle

Here is what it looks like after the cooking process

Hot steaming noodles

Just how I like my noodles.. With roast pork. What you see here is just part of the larger pork portion..

Overall the taste is unique, spicy? not really that spicy. Aromatic, thicker noodles for a better filling of the tummy. The area where it could do better:- add chilli powder for those who prefers it to be spicier and maybe another packet of ingredients like dried prawns, spring onion, fried onions etc


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