Dashi Dining & Delica Saya Review

Always thought a good authentic Japanese meal are raw fishes in the form of Sushi or Sashimi? Wrong. The Japanese actually have good heart and tummy warming food which I would say the internet did it a huge injustice for not promoting it. Yes, they are hard to find but that is why I am here introducing this new found place =) p.s. The food are prepared in small quantity to maintain quality and freshness with quite a few are made to orders. Read on to get the Buy 2 Free 1 promotion for the month of July

Located at the Lower Ground Floor of Isetan KL Lot 10, It's hard to miss this as it's just next to the main escalator going down towards the food floor. It's actually 2 sections side by side with one serving takeaways (Dashi Dining Saya) and the other sit in dining (Dashi Delica Saya)

Let's talk about the takeaway section first. They offer a good variety of food cooked in an open kitchen concept where you can see them prepare your food and prepared food are kept behind the glass cabinet while you mix and match your take away and the staff gets them for you. Highly recommended dishes from the above pic are the Sweet Potato with Lemon Sauce and the Grilled Salmon

The food are prepared in small batches to ensure freshness, taste and quality. Each of the dishes comes with a sign that explains each dish with its ingredients. From this picture, the highly recommended ones are Fried Chicken with Sweet Vinegar and Tartar Sauce(this one is real juicy and flavourful), Tomato with Apple Sauce, Japanese Traditional Stew "Chikuzenni" and the Hijiki(Japanese Seaweed)

Other than that they also serve prepared Bento boxes, Riceballs and others

Yes they are prepared fresh to order so you will always get it warm just the way the Japanese likes it.

Other than that they also have the Japanese Oden(something similar to our local Yong Tau Fu minus the tofu). So what makes Oden stand out? The soup base is seasoned with soy sauce and dried bonito flakes. The varieties they serve are eggs, white radish, fish sausage, konjac(Japanese yam) and Fish Paste.

Then we have the Takoyaki! Piping hot Takoyaki made in front of you till they run out of em.

Served with mayonnaise and bonito flakes, these are perfect to eat on the go

Now just next to it, is the Dashi Delica Saya where you could sit and dine surrounding the open kitchen. For starters, go for the heartwarming made to order Chawanmushi.

The reason why this is different than conventional chawanmushi is that it's steamed with Dashi soup.

So what is Dashi actually? Why was it even in the name of the restaurant? Dashi is basically the Japanese secret ingredient stock in the form of a broth. How was it made? It's actually made by boiling Kombu(dried kelp), Bonito flakes(shaves thin flakes of dried smoked Skipjack Tuna), Iriko or Niboshi(Anchovies or Sardines) or a combinations of the above. It's primarily used in Miso soup, noodle soups and other simmered foods. When boiled, it creates the broth with the 'Umami' taste, dubbed the fifth taste(apart from sweet, sour, salty or bitter).

Ok enough on the background, here comes the main sets! It's Soy Marinated Tuna Sashimi on top of rice and you pour the hot Dashi soup on to it. The hot Dashi soup compliments the rice and meat perfectly with "Kimpira, Burdock and Carrot" as the side while the refreshing Sweet potato in lemon sauce serves as the perfect ending. Also on the set was sesame, spring onion and wasabi.

 My personal favourite, the Grilled Salmon flakes set with the same sides

Oh yeah the soup was so good that I went for a second helping. Errr what? Did I just mention the soup is refillable? Yeah!!

Unlimited soup!!!!

This is the Fried Chicken with Tartar Sauce Set served with rice, Miso soup, Japanese Traditional Stew, "Kimpira, Burdock and Carrot" and of course the Fried Chicken

The fried chicken is actually layered with Sweet vinegar and when dipped with Tartar sauce, it gives it the bursting flavours in your mouth topped with the juicy chicken juice.

Then we have the Take Set which comes with Rice and Miso Soup(Refillable Green tea is chargeable), Fried Chicken "Saya Style", Hokkaido Beef Croquette(Changeable to the Vegetable variant if you don't take beef), Tomato with "Dashi Ginger" or Apple Sauce, Grilled Mackerel or Egg Omelette(They ran out of Mackerel on my visit), Tofu & Kinoko Mushroom with Dashi Sauce and the Japanese Traditional Stew

Let's talk about the Japanese Stew. It actually impressed me when I had my first bite of the lotus root. The flavour so good that it could only be described as "You have really gotta try it out to find out". It's basically Chicken, carrot, burdock, lotus root, shiitake, taro, konjac being boiled together with soy sauce in Dashi soup stock so imagine all those flavours being immersed into each of the individual items in the stew.

Anyway for small/vegetarian eaters, you could always go for the Konjac in Curry Saya Style. It's rice with Japanese curry and assorted vegetables prepared fresh and hot in front of you in the kitchen

Now for the Buy 2 Free 1 promotion, just show them this picture! T&C on the flyer

Ok Now how do you get there?

Dashi Dining & Delica Saya
Address: Lower Ground Floor, Isetan The Japan Store KL(It's the Big green building opposite Sg Wang), Lot 10, 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-21101479
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DASHI-diningdelica-SAYA-1850007161877803/
Operating Hours: 11am - 9pm daily


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