Kellaw's Travelogue: Fraser's Hill one day trip

Well it's after the Raya and School Holiday now and you are broke as fark. So what do you do now? You didn't really enjoy the break and you so wanted some alone time but don't know where to go. Cameron? Too jam la. That place like jam 24/7 all year round one. Genting? No theme park and nothing to see right? Why not go on a one day trip to Fraser's Hill? 

Yeap I took the road less traveled and ended up in Fraser's, had some nice food on the way and came back before sundown. The drive is just a short 2 hours one way or you could plan your cycling trip up and down.

 What I did was plan my stop at Kuala Kubu Bharu for breakfast. Best bet for good food would be the cyclist cafe, Kedai Makana Basikal Stopover with their Master Chef David Chin. Important Note: Check their FB page to check if they are open. They usually opens on Sundays and Public Holidays but like what I said, check if they are open to avoid getting disappointed.

I know.. I know.. This is a travel post right? But still need good food to keep us going right? The price is fair tending towards cheap. But wait RM9 for nasi lemak or RM8 for curry mee?

Here is why lor.. Don't judge a book by its cover or food by its price . It comes with the good old traditional Kangkung, Sotong, Crispy Ikan Bilis, Sambal Ikan Bilis, Peanuts, Eggs larger than those sd card sized we get elsewhere, and the main, The crispy skin siu yuk aka roast pork.

Pig skin, Cockles, Tofupork(not pork la even if you scream pork is non halal), and Siu yuk in creamy curry noodles.

For the ang moh celups(meaning die die can't eat local food ones la), you can choose their western choices. Do check their FB for their latest menus as it's depending on the sifu cook la. He good mood, he cooks more.. Comprende? Kapish?

 Fish and Chips.. Need I say more? No, not those dory, you get what you pay for la..

The best selection of all. The grilled chicken served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Why is this the best selection? Heard of Dave's Deli? Guess where the Dave name came from? Well this is the original ayam. Can't go wrong with it.

After the breakfast, you would be driving or cycling along the scenic Sungai Selangor Water Dam. Take a break and take some pics before continuing on your journey.

Since they have a new road, there's no more gap system(meaning you sit there drink coffee for an hour if you miss the window before you are allowed to drive up.) but if one of the roads are closed due to landslide, the gap system would apply. One hour up, one hour down. The road is long and winding but you would be met with the cold air. How do you know you have reached? You would see this famous English style clock tower.

Some things never change.. The cooling air, the lush green trees, the flower blossoms, the migrating birds and the insects especially the giant beetles..

This tuck shop have been there throughout the ages and as far as I could remember. It sells all the sundry items you would need should you decide to camp here(camps not included sorry guys but you could always sleep on the trees)

The houses(as far as I could remember, these are new)

The local police station. 2 more years till it's centenary. This is where you should report in if you decide to hike some trails or stay overnight so they know where to find you should you go missing. But of course do go and report back when you are safe and out else they will be searching for you for nothing.. 

Orchids blooming around the clock tower

First stop you can visit would be the Strawberry farm next to Allan's water. Look out for the signboards. The place ain't that big and the map from the tourist center seems too blur too useless. In case of uncertainty, ask people around. For me I came at the wrong season lor. People bought all the strawberries. But they do sell veges, flowers, cactus and honey(buy at your own risk la)

Variety of cactus. No need go Cameron and get caught in the jam.

Flowers. Tons of flowers

Take your favourite pick of colors, they would have it.

Ever wondered where your kuaci came from? These lor.. Sunflowers. And they are already seeding. In a week or 2 you can fry them or replant tons of these plants. 

Roses for the ladies

More flowers!!

 Wait, what is growing there? Vegetables!!

If you are a town boy, this is how Cauliflower looks like with its leaves.

 Bright purple little chilies..

Then should you decide to take a hike for a swim at the Jeriau waterfalls, you need to drive or cycle a short journey or Hike over if you are more adventurous. Take the road heading towards Smokehouse hotel to reach the waterfalls. The trick her is learn the trails and where each of them leads to before hiking so you don't get lost.

Follow the river and the sound of water for about 15 minutes from the road and you would reach the waterfalls. It used to be murky and dirty due to the constructions going on but now it's clear again. 

You would pass by several gazebos for picnics, a shop or 2 selling swim/bathing suites and light snacks and also toilets for you to change.

View from the top.. I would advice you not to slide or jump down. It's just a mere 6 meter falls. You could go for a swim in the ice cold waters if you dare =)

Else you could at least wash your face to freshen up before you continue on your journey.


I was on the lookout for holes as these usually contains the large tarantulas but look what I found here?

Yeap, It's a froggy.. But on a side note, if you wanna find Tarantulas, stay overnight as they usually comes out at night. The more bigger beetles also comes out around the same time as the air becomes more moist and cold. But do keep on the lookout for snakes.

 I somehow quite regretted not having my pre dinner meal at the Smokehouse like my friend suggested and went back to town center. Somehow the food ain't that great. The nasi goreng ayam was so so.

The kuey teow is errr... Let's go somewhere else?

The lamb chop was screaming, Uncle David, is your shop still open? I need a good meal please.

On the way back! Found this mother hen with the baby chicks. 

 Going home before sundown and dinner back in KL. Kellaw signing out!


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