Road To AgroTourism - MARDI Kuala Kangsar & Roti Segar

This is the first installment of the Road to Agro Tourism where we started off at MARDI Kuala Kangsar after leaving the MARDI HQ at Serdang. Follow us on our journey to discover the huge durian plantation and other fruits available and also the local bread factory. Want to know more? Read on...

A little about MARDI Kuala Kangsar, it's primary objective is Durio-tourism and as the name suggests the Durian plantation alone is 22 hectares out of 40 hectares

On our arrival we were surprised by the MP of the Kuala Kangsar constituency,  Datin Mastura Mohd Yazid welcoming us to MARDI

Well for most of us Malaysians, eating durians arr like eating rice for a whole meal or even a few meals in a row but how many of us knows how the tree looks like and what are the technology to grow them faster?

We were treated to a live demonstration of grafting which speeds up the growth process of durian trees.

Group photo of the person in charge with the VIPs of the plantation after introducing what MARDI Kuala Kangsar is all about.

DurioTour on tram. Sounds like safari right?

Visitors are brought around the plantation with introduction and guided tours around. Did you know some of these durian trees are older than me?

Mangosteen in growing process

Spot the difference? On the left it's actually Mesta which is sweeter than the mangosteen on the right

Freshly plucked and ready to eat

Other than mangosteen they also breed their own pamelos which is named MeloMas

First thing on our agenda, EAT ALL THE DURIANS our stomachs could fit. Did you know they offer all you could eat for only RM50 along with the tour?

How much could you eat?

Yellow creamy aromatic durians of various species ranging from D24, D99 and musang king awaits depending on season and availability.

You just can't stop at one could you?

Blogger turned durian opener.

After the tummy filling tour at MARDI Kuala Kangsar, we were brought to visit the bread factory which is just by the main road heading towards MARDI Kuala Kangsar

Fun Fact: this factory is a family business operating since 1981 with traces of operation back in KL in the 80s

We were brought for a tour around the processing factory

The owner is friendly enough to explain and show us the machines for the bread making process

We always eat cookies but have you seen how they make them in factories?

Fitted with different moulds, it could make make cookies a lot faster to cater for the general public compared to the old traditional way of wooden block mould which requires the slap action. This is a sign of how technology actually helps improve our daily living through automation.

We also learn how breads and cookies were processed and then packed

The various products available at the factory which is also for sale in their in house shop.

Interested in these places? Want to know more or visit them? Here are the address:

MARDI Kuala Kangsar
Kampung Talang Ulu, 33077 Kuala Kangsar, Perak
Phone: +605-773 3030

Roti Segar Factory
Kilang Roti Segar,
Bt. 34 (Jln Taiping (Simpang Mardi))
33000 Kuala Kangsar, Perak


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