My Chips Salted Egg Potato Chips

Chinese new year is coming real soon but have you gotten your new year snacks? Feel those that you buy out there being too oily? Want good tasting snack but the options available is not healthy? Fret not. Read on to find out what you could get this Chinese New Year.

First things first, this would be a healthier choice as the chips are oven roasted and not oil fried thus preserving it's nutrition values without the oily feeling. They are available in 2 flavors, the original or the spicy one. I would recommend the spicy one as it taste better but not as spicy.

Only Natural Ingredients are used, so no added essence, just plain selected finest quality AA grade salted egg yolks, curry leaves, dried chili, salt and sugar.

Each batch is prepared in small batches to ensure you get the highest quality taste and coating of every single chip. I tried this myself personally and couldn't get enough of it.

Made from imported potatoes, it's definitely one of the best snack to pair with a cup of tea or eaten just like that while watching your favorite movies.

p.s. In a blind testing along with 3 other major brands, My Chips have been selected as a preference by 70% of the people. If you bought and feel it's good, you could send me some as gratitude for recommending you this tasty snack =)

How to buy? Get it online here ->
or search for "My Chips Salted Egg Potato Chips"on that site for more promo


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