Thymos Anti Sinus/Nasal Allergies Spray review

As a person who has been suffering from Sinus issues for years, I was a little skeptical when it comes to claims that medications would help especially a few doctors including specialists telling me that surgery is the best and possibly the only way to stop me from cursing every morning while sneezing nonstop. Then came this blogger friend who told me to try this product from THYMOS which is a brand from the UK. Things have gone for a better since. How? Read on to find out..

I first tried it out in the morning when I started sneezing. The haze outside was really obvious. Just 4 pumps on my shirt at the chest area brought instant relief.

The very night I decided to try spraying on my pillow to see if I would still sneeze when I wake. Somehow this revolutionary AirShield Technology from UK works like a charm. I woke up and didn’t sneeze at all. The Invisible Airshield Technology is also odourless and safe for kids or even pregnant ladies as its ingredients are only active minerals and no alcohol, steroids, drugs, fragrance or toxic chemicals.

The patented “Self-Sanitizing” technology contains high-quality activated minerals which generates powerful bacteriostatic electrons to form an invisible, odourless and colourless shield to protect your loved ones. It destroys the pathogens within 60 seconds. This unique technology from the UK enables the active minerals to recharge by itself whenever it comes to contact with air molecules, ensuring long lasting 12-hour protection.

And each bottle comes in convenient travel size to ensure easy keeping, either in your pocket or in the purse. Each bottle contains 10ml which amounts to about 170 sprays. I did spray about 6 sprays on my pillow and bedsheet anyway.

I remembered I did ask one of the doctors if there are alternate non-surgical solutions, and he mentioned to move to Australia. Now I don’t have to move anymore as this spray now provides me with Incredible Protection against Sinus issues.

Some friends did ask if it’s steroid based. From the ingredients it seems to be only activated minerals so there should be no side effects (*from my usage). The best part is it contains no alcohol and is clinically certified.

So where you could get one to try? It’s exclusively available in Guardian Pharmacies in Malaysia for RRP of RM75 with introductory price currently at RM69.9

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