Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The following actually happen in an interview for a position of an assistant accountant. The first interview the potential candidates is an aptitude test which tests the candidate's ability to do simple maths. So there was this candidate named Sandy(name changed though I feel like naming her Sadny).

Interviewer : If hor, I gib you two lebits hor, then two lebits hor, and another two lebits. How many lebits have you got?
Sandy : Sehben!(seven)
Interviewer : No no no, listen carefully lar. If hor, I gib you two lebits hor, then two lebits hor, and another two lebits. How many lebits have you got?
Sandy : Sehben lok. Sehben!!!! How many times you want me say Sehben?
Interviewer : Ok Ok Ok. Let's try dis in another way. If hor, I gib you two bottle of beer, then two bottle of beer again then another two bottle of beer, how many bottle of beer you got?
Sandy : Six bottle lo. So easy nia.
Interviewer : Good! Now, if hor, I gib you two lebits hor, then two lebits hor, and another two lebits. How many lebits have you got?
Sandy : Sehben!
Interviewer : ^%*(^$%@@$!$&^&^!!!! How on earth did you work out that three lots of two lebits is sehben?
Sandy : I already got one lebit at home ma!

The interviewer fainted after that and had to be sent to hospital in fear that he would get a heart attack and die in the office.


Calvin Soo KJ said...

awesome lebit joke bro!!!! you've made my gloomy day bright

Myhorng said...

i also got 1/17 labbit in my stomach. had labbit stay in kajang.

Kellaw said...

Calvin - your wife not punish you sleep outside one mea after the old post? hahaha

Myhorng - you really cruel la. how can you stomach such cute creatures?

Josephine said...


Vicious Cycle Boi said...

here's something that's totally irrelevant:

i heard rabbits taste good.

Kellaw said...

jo - why faint?

prettyhotbabenot - why you guys have to be so cruel to animals one? go vegetarian la

hyperX said...

The story of 6 plus 1 lebit. lol damn funny lar!

小歪 said...

i dun hab any lebbits.


jasmine_pzj said...

funny lar!!

thnx for sharing~~

Kellaw said...

hyperX - thanks and welcome to my blog lol.

小歪 - cos you makan all isit? or you make them into satay lebbit liao?

jasmine_pzj - welcome and welcome to my blog lol.

flizzardo said...

hahaha so funny

Kellaw said...

flizzardo - welcome to my blog lol

renaye said...

wth. funny!

Kellaw said...

renaye - funny le? funny then follow me la. lol

Vicious Cycle Boi Boi said...

Link me Link me... :D

taizizi said...



Kellaw said...

hamsap boi - okok. i link you. lol

taizizi - glad you finally found your way here. hahaha

renaye said...

follow u pi mana?? like the saying u go i go, u jump i don't jump. :D

Kellaw said...

lol. renaye. follow me la. the shampoo you dunno mea?

renaye said...

what shampoo?? i only know digi.

Lisalicious said...

what kinda interview is that??
accounting calculating rabbits!!


Kellaw said...

renaye - follow me shampoo la. go google it up. haha.

lisa - thats accounts assistant la. must at least be able to do simple maths. so the interviewer give simple question lo. if can't answer they can kiss the job goodbye.

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