Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to get drunk!

The front counter girl of a hotel gets a call from a drunk guy.

Drunkard - What time the bar opens?
Girl - Open 12 noon.

About an hour later the same guy called sounded even drunker.

Drunkard - Bar what time open???
Girl - Same time la. Told you liao 12 ma.

Then over an hour later the same guy called

Drunkard - Whaaaat time youuuuuu says theeee bar opens again?
Girl(frustrated) - Opens at noon. If you can wait I can get room service for you.
Drunkard - Noooo! I wanna gett outt no gettt in!!!

Note: The above story was told by a friend of mine who was trying to woo the counter girl at the time this joke happened.

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