Screw TMNET!

WARNING : Vulgarism ahead! So siu di dis and siu mui muis go to bed and sleep ok?

Screw streamyx SCREAMyx for slow connections! They cheat us of our money and give us "Best Effort" connection. Maybe this is how they get all those billions in profits. Because of the same old shitty connection they never bother to maintain. Screw TMNUTS. The connection had been making me feeling STEAMyx whole day now. Yes! I mean steam is literally coming out of my head and I am reaching boiling point. Been on the helpline for over 15 minutes and no one bothers to pick up the bloody call. So I have something for you guys at TMNET!


If you support my cause here, please drop your supportive comments!


Yvonne, Von said…
WA.. although I support u.. there is a need to do until so ?!.. hahaha.. but i like the picture.. hahaha..
calvaryzone said…
yeah, screw them.
but what can we do about it?

i recently downgraded from the celcom/streamyx home-hop&away package to a normal streamyx combo package, and my account had to be quarantined for 30 days.

imagine 30 days without connection!
what kind of sick policy is that?!?!?!?!
Kellaw said…
hahaha. the pic nice le? hahaha

calv - start using others lo like time(which is fast now since everyone uses streamyx)
Anonymous said…
Ur place too many people..
Ken Wooi said…
haha.. screw streamyx! =D
Kellaw said…
anon - it depends one. at times you can get 1.5mbps. its not about people or not. if alot of people then add stations la. we pay so much le.

ken help me screw them. hahaha
zewt said…
well, not like we have any other viable options, right?
Kellaw said…
zewt - got. go wimax lo. lol
stephy-nie said…
agree agree! hahaha. but at least nowadays abit better than last time de. haiz.
Kellaw said…
call helpline and scream at them lo. hahaha
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