Saturday, May 31, 2014

H-Artistry 2014 Penang SPICE

 So after the meet and greet, we were all prepared for the night

We were taught the art of mixing prior to the concert.

Magic Power.. One of the top Mando pop bands in the world

But first a Selfie with fellow bloggers Amelia Soo and Amber

Even the launch was marvelous for the night

Selfie with Mr Fluff.. You should really try playing with his hair..

Imma*bleep*youup      *We cant hear you!!!

Selfie with fellow bloggers, John from Paperplane Pursuit and Mr Fluff

Paperplane Pursuit's Beat of Your Love live in H-Artistry

More selfie

It was seriously a great night

Thanks Amber for smuggling in her camera for that night's selfies

Party was fired up throughout the night

Paperplane Pursuit even did a collaboration with Magic Power and that drove the crowd crazy!

Magic Power

DJ Brooklyn

All in all it was a great night.. I already can't wait for 2015's H-Artistry

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