First Famous Restaurant(Lorong Susu) Non Halal

Rushing for lunch during your hectic lunch hour? Wanted to have something quick with little time? What about chicken rice? Too mainstream right? Try the BBQ Honey Glazed Pork aka Char Siew and it's freshly roasted Roast Pork at Lorong Susu.

Hidden in the alley opposite the UMNO building at Georgetown is this small restaurant well known for it's roast meats

Even before opening up for business on a normal day, you would have already seen a queue from far away.

Why you might ask. Imagine this.. You get a piece of the roast pork, put it in your mouth, First bite and you get to the crispy skin.. Second bite on the mean gets it's juice bursting with flavours in your mouth.

If you arrive just around 12, you would get freshly roasted juicy roast pork..

But wait.. That is not what is the most well known about this place. They are more famous for their Char Siew.. At first bite in my mouth, I could feel the oil melting, releasing the sweet juice with honey out. Seriously I could have this for lunch for a week and still wouldn't get bored of it.. Maybe getting fat.. hahaha..

They do provide takeaways and seriously at the current rate of single meat(normal portion), single rice of RM4, it's a bargain.

Contact: Eddie (016-4545847)
Address: No3 Lorong Susu
Opens Lunch Time only


Penang Ho Chiak said…
Yeah, the food here is quite to my liking. BTW, nice sharing! :-)
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