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Those who know me would already know I am an avid drinker.. No.. Not really alcohol but tea. I could just go out for a pot of hot tea before going to bed or even have a cup in office to ease my tired eyes. I was lucky enough to lay my hands on these 3 cans of gem lately and I think I am addicted to the taste.

Many may not know this brand here in Malaysia but I could tell you that this tea is really popular in the Europe. One of the most renowned and well known brand of tea that has just started in Malaysia, it has tons of different flavours for you to choose from. I will just introduce the 3 I had here

Green dragon.. Green tea from China harvested during Spring.

You could clearly see the stalk and leaves poured from the can.

When brewed, the leaves bloom to their actual size. Upon sipping, I could feel the bitter sweet taste of green tea but in this, it's much smoother and clear than those I get with teabags which usually a little murky with powder residue. If you think you love the green tea you get in Japanese restaurants, then wait till you really try this.

Then we have the Royal Assam plucked during Summer. You may ask what does GFBOP means. It's actually grading and it stands for - Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe. Aanyway let's not get technical but Flowery Orange Pekoe is the young leave next to the bud aka one of the high grades of tea.

The leaves direct from it packaging

When brewed, it was surprisingly smooth as I did not use any filter at all. I actually take this tea with some wolfberry in it when I am at work. Somehow the combination is sweet from wolfberry aka GeiJi mixed with the bitter taste of the tea. And most importantly it keeps me awake yet at the same time helps my strained eyes relax.

As they say, save the best for the last right? Oolong tea plucked during Summer.

Whole leaves direct from the package

You think this is the normal Oolong you could get in the local supermarket right? WRONG! They did added something else. Something that changed this to a whole new flavour. Some prefer to put dates with their oolong tea. This one already has it.. Small berries that gives it a fruity taste. The leaves would blossom to full length when brewed. It carries the fragrant and taste of laici on top of the usual oolong tea taste making this a whole new blend. Seriously I would recommend this one for non tea drinkers who just wanted to start.

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John said…
I haven't tried mine yet. Seems interesting :)
Kellaw said…
John your's what flavour? You should try it and see..
Thank you for the in-depth reviews.
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