Crimson Room

roughRecently found this game from HERE out of boredom from all the bloody assignments that keeps on coming overlapping the others. Hey you can't blame me for needing something to stimulate my brains ok? The game is actually created by Toshimitsu Takagi

It's actually a game where you are locked in a room with a pretty girl and you have to find the solution to bed her and get out of the room. Where to find this kind of game else where wo? First you close the curtains, move on to the cd players to put on music, then move on to the bed. Yes there is a bed in the room to make life easier for you. Next you have a personal movie projector just for the romantic scene. Still not convinced? Go play lo. I will come up with the solution for you guys later. So what you waiting for? Waiting for the girl to drop in your own room is it?

I drank too much last night.

What time is it now?

So thirsty.

The bed doesn't seem to be the one I usually sleep on.

Is this a hotel?

No, it doesn't seem to be a hotel.

I'm....fucked trapped in this room.

I have to escape.

A crimson ceiling and a wall....

Solution coming soon!


Myhorng said…
wei, apa ini???
Tekkaus said…
Sounds like a pretty "qi kek" game wor! =) Then where is the girl?
Calvin Soo KJ said…
i'm too old for games la bro...:) you play, i support you...wuuhooo!!!
Kellaw said…
Myhorng - you go play then you mai know lo.

Tekkaus - in the room la. you need to find one. hahaha

Calvin - go play la. its pretty easy la. just mouse clicks.
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