132 silly things done? With a twist of course Part 2

I know I know. I haven't been updating this blog for a while. Thanks for the support guys. I know some stalk my blog on a daily basis. Bad news is my mum is in hospital for surgery on her back bone. So expect me not to blog that often. Good news is this would be the second installment of the silly things. Go HERE if you haven't read the first part.

Level 4
Had A Crush On An Older Person(you mean the auntie or the grandma in the old folks home? Would you want to try on a lady like the picture below?)
Skipped School(legally to represent the school?)
Slept With A Co-worker/Classmate(never eat and shit at the same place. never heard of the proverb mea?)
Seen Someone / Something Die (mosquito count? or the bettle you fried with a lighter?)

Level 5
Had / Have A Crush On One Of Your Facebook Friends(no facebook le. So how?)
Been To Paris(go Paris also silly ar?)
Been To Spain(Spain also? Sigh)
Thrown Up From Drinking(drank stale milk and throw up count?)

Level 6
Eaten Sushi(you mean the girl named sushi or the japanese food? lol)
Been Snowboarding(and end up with frostbite?)
Met Someone BECAUSE Of Facebook(like I say I don't have facebook la.)
Been in a Mosh Pit(WTH is a Mosh Pit? You mean the one where Jamal from Slumdog Millionaire jumped into after looking at Amitabh Bachan's photo?)

Level 7
Been In An Abusive Relationship(you mean SM with cuffs and whips? Piak! Aiyak! or you mean some relationship like the picture)
Taken Pain Killers(What you expect? Go undergo a surgery without painkiller la)
Love/loved Someone Who You Cant Have(silly ain't it? I know of people who love celebrities. Does that count?)
Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By(go get a life lol)
Made A Snow Angel(you mean dropping a girl named angel dressed in white from the plane? That would be killing le)

Level 8
Had A Tea Party(i never know tea is bad lol. Then my whole office are full of baldies baddies)
Flown A Kite(fong fei gei and da fei gei can be considered bad la by some people. but fong ji yiu?)
Built A Sand Castle(and run it(the sand castle another kid build with his hands) down with a sand speeder?)
Gone mudding(walking across muddy ground count?)
Played Dress Up(you mean in SM where you are forced to wear the clothes of the opposite sex? and then get some hamsap fellas asking if you are ah gua?)

So guys be patient and wait for the 3rd installment ok?
Ok Part 3 HERE
Part 4 HERE


Calvin Soo KJ said…
the guy in the bra made me sick......i think im gonna puke....*vomits*
Kellaw said…
lol calvin you jealous he got boobs isit?
Hi, back here! erm, depends on what time and wat day you go.. now still got de promotion, before 2pm, only rm2 per game, + rm1.5 for shoe... after 2pm, if no student card, rm5 per game, else rm 4 only!
Is not expensive also la, for me is quite cheap!! hahas!
Kellaw said…
after 2 is expensive already le. my side here student rm3 only. or rm10 4 games
Tekkaus said…
What happened to the last picture? Is it a transexual? Haha =)
Kellaw said…
Tekkaus - there are some guys who put on weight to the extent that they develop breasts that would make some asian women feel shy. so the man bra lo. hahaha
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