132 silly things done? With a twist of course Part 3

Go for Part 1 HERE, Part 2 HERE and Part 4 HERE if you haven't been following this blog closely.

Level 9
Jumped Into A Pile Of Leaves(and get your ears pulled and forced to sweep everything back into place again?)
Gone Sledging(i prefer tiring - use tires instead of sledge la)
Cheated While Playing A Game(you mean throw the ball from full court when the other players doesn't expect you to do so? I consider that halal lo)
Been Lonely(expected la when you lead a different life than others)
Fallen Asleep At Work / School(some bosses/lecturers/teachers have this special ability to hypnotize everyone lol)

Level 10
Watched The Sun Set(why must watch sun set can't watch moon set mea?)
Felt An Earthquake(no feel one how?)
Killed A Snake (you mean go Thailand and order the Seh Dam? and then drink the blood?)

Level 11
Been Tickled(kuci kuci. Like that count?)
Been Robbed / Vandalized(vandalized? You think I am a public phone is it?)
Been cheated (everytime we go buy something also we are being cheated one la. You think those shop will sell you things at cost price mea?)
Been Misunderstood(happens when people assume everything)

Level 12
Won A Contest(won but prize not given le. Kena cheated le)
Been Suspended From School(you mean hanged on the lamp post? or they used a giant turbine to keep you in the air above the school ground?)
Had Detention(you mean I detain someone or got detained? or just some bloody prefect make you his stepping stone after a bad day?)
Been In A Car / Motorcycle Accident(passenger or driver? if motor one can be superman then be mummyman in hospital ma)


Myhorng said…
how many part still left?
Calvin Soo KJ said…
kuci-kuci...agoogoo *grins*
Kellaw said…
Myhorng - Actually I also dunno because I don't have the time to update as often as before. I have like another 3 in edit mode of this installment. There are 4 other posts on auto pilot just in case I went missing for a month or assignments finally won the battle in killing me.

Calvin - lol. ask your wife kuci you la. or get childrens to kuci kuci la.
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