The story of how Thailand aka Thaikok(cantonese) get its name

Note: This is purely fictional and just for laugh. It is not intended to insult anyone or any country of that matter.

The story starts with the British coming to the Malayas for tradings and the following conversation happens near the border of Malaya and Siam of that time.

British Trader, B - Say man do you know where is that(wanting to know if it's Siam)
Chinese Worker, C - (saw his British boss pointing at a siamnese male instead of the place and doesn't want to look stupid and wanted to impress the boss) Oh, that one ar? Thai Lan lo!
B - What????
C - Thai Lan you know? Lan(D!ck in cantonese)? Cock? Thai Cock?
B - What you mean by Thai Cock? Nevermind, I will just name it Thailand then.
C - Haiya! Kenot la boss. You use Thai Lan then we use what?
B - You said Thai Cock. You can use that. Now get back to work!
C - Ok Boss....

There you go. How Thailand got it's name


Isley Chang~ said…
ohh.. so that is how thai kok in cantonese?
Kellaw said…
yes. this is how it gets thailand and thaikok. hahaha
Kellaw said…
renaye what wah lau? hahaha
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