Cannibal Mum

Sorry that I have been busy lately and would continue to be busy till.... Erm I really dunno till when actually..

I went to the supermarket earlier and saw a small little girl looking at a pregnant lady

She asked the lady "Why is your stomach so big auntie?"
The lady said "I am having a baby."
Then she asked again with her big eyes looking at the lady "Is the baby inside your stomach?"
The lady smiled and said "Yes!"
Then the little girl asked "Is it a good baby?"
She said "Yes. It is a really good baby."
The girl give her a surprised look and asked "Then why you eat the baby?"

I nearly rolled on the floor laughing out loud with tears in my eyes that moment.

Moral of the story: Kids are innocent and those that aren't are hamsap. Wuahahaha


Wat a cute photo.. and I never thought kids can be so.. innocent.. my..
stephy-nie said…
omg lol! that was so innocent and random!!! XD
Kellaw said…
hahaha. you mean hamsap isit dear? hahahaha

steph innocent le. hahahaha
Yvonne, Von said…
I mean INNOCENT k!.. the kid actually thought the mom eat the baby.. wel.. I never see that coming le..
Kellaw said…
dear if you see it coming, they it wouldnt be fun liao right?
blur de Qi said…
d pic so cute!!
Lisa said…
hahahha that is funny
Kellaw said…
eh lisa. you finally found your way here?
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