Blogging LIVE from Krispy Kreme Sunway

Blogging LIVE from Krispy Kreme Sunway outlet. Yes after the last bad visit, things had changed tremendously. They open much early with full case doughnuts. A good conducive place to study for your exams or have morning meetings with soft musics to sooth your ears. Here are some pictures to show you how nice it is.

Here is one before the shop actually opens at 9.30.

Store opens at 9.30 and you can see the hardworking staff.

Full case. Yummy!

Don't you just wanna bite them?

YUMMY!!!! I can smell them from 1 floor above le.

Yeah me busy blogging instead of studying for my exam.

See the coffee on the left? It's aroma alone can keep me awake whole day.

Time to start study

Another one!

Okok. Manager's recommendation. Original Glazed with fresh cream.


j_yenn said…
so do u now get to enjoy free food at krispy kreme??
Kellaw said…
Nola. I wish I get free ones. Maybe you wanna belanja me? Wuahahaha
Veronica said…
I think I saw you during OS exam today? Or it was someone else? :P I remember seeing a surname "Law" which somehow caught my attention :)
Kellaw said…
lol. how come surname law will catch your attention? hahaha. just because i had a law inside my nick?
Chai leng said…
Hi, u might not know me and im new to ur blog too...I was attracted to the drama link u post here...hehe...Anyway, wat caught my attention today is your laptop. It seems similar to mine (HP Compaq Presario V3000). I face some difficulty after I format it, can u help me? Your kindness will be appreciate.Tq
Kellaw said…
chai leng you didnt leave your contacts. how could i contact you? what problem is it that you are facing after the reformat?
Chai Leng said…
Hey, Kellaw, Thanks for ur willingness to help me...Some how my fren jz came my house today and settled everything for me. So my notebook is all fine now. Thank You~^^
Kellaw said…
chai leng. good to hear that.
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