Want to eat one of the best asam laksas in KL?

This post is long overdue because of several factors. I have been busy with my studies as the previous weeks was hell doing assignments. Exams is next week and I am just slotting this up. The other reason is my phone went dead and I am not rich enough to afford a DSLR to take pictures. So any company wants me to review their camera could contact me.

It's been a long time since I ate laksa back in Penang and the taste of those asam laksa in KL was no match for those good ones in Penang. That is till I visited one of the laksa stalls in KL several weeks back and found it to be real good. One of the best laksa I have eaten that I gave it a 2 thumbs up. So I went back to this laksa stall last weekend to eat and take pictures for this review. No I am not paid for this. I even need to pay for my laksa ok?

So what so special about this stall? It had been here right in the middle of KL for so many years, gaining customers yet remained hidden from most of us who had been in and out of this popular street. If it's not for the heavy rain and empty stomach, I wouldn't have bumped into this stall. So here are some pictures. Mind the pictures for being unclear. Don't complain unless you wanna sponsor me a DSLR.

See a lot of people right? People mountain people sea.(chinese proverb for a huge crowd). The laksa they serve is hot and you can smell it from a block away.

I can't wait to just swallow up the whole bowl. So that's why you don't see much fish. In fact there are a whole lot more of them. Blame me for being too hungry. Fresh fish are used and not those canned sardines we eat outside.

There is always one thing that is a must have with asam laksa. Know what is it? It's the shrimp sauce or what some call the prawn sauce. If you have laksa anywhere else you will be given with a spoon of it only and not to mention the additional charges. This stall? Saw the black sauce in the aluminum bowl? Yes, you are free to pour the whole bowl into your laksa with no additional charges.

See? Once the hot laksa arrives, you can't tahan(stand it) and wants to finish it on the spot. Oh yeah before I forget, there is always the chilli bowl if you want to add more spicyness to it but trust me for an average eater like me, the original spiciness is already enough to make you sweat on a rainy day.

Review details:-
Location - Petaling Street next to Menara Pak Peng. It's the location where in the morning, it's the market.
Opening Hours - After 3.30 everyday.
Cost - RM4.50 for big and 3.50 for small(price may go up but it's listed) + RM 1 for a cup of nice warm barley.
Additional note - Don't talk silently that you wish you had a fork. Even though the auntie selling laksa might be old, her hearing is a perfect 10. I did that and she brought me a fork. Talk about getting owned.
My rating - 2 thumbs up. Competitive to those in Penang minus the time and cost to travel to Penang. At least 4 out of 5 stars.


♥ Renise said…
hehehe i've been there since i was still in primary school.

i love the laksa there :]

Kellaw said…
Renise your primary school mana? maybe next door of my school. hahaha
j_yenn said…
that laksa aunty really pays attention to her customers. good customer service ;P
Kellaw said…
j_yenn - yeah. i just whisper i need a fork cos the mee is soo good its slippery and the auntie heard le. then she bring fork. you say malu anot? lolz
Ming (: said…
lol the auntie sounds cool (:
Kellaw said…
Yalo. kena lo. lolz
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