Funny : You know you are sleepy when...

Yup, I had been busy and having very little sleep for the past 3 months. This is where the idea came from to blog about this.

You know you are sleepy when...(you need to sleep soon)
- You ask your friend if they want to have "fuck rice"(instead of duck rice) for lunch tomorrow.
- You tell your friend that you are busty(instead of busy).
- You ask your boss through email if you could "have a sex"(instead of have a sec) with him/her.
- You mark the test paper of your children in the below image as all correct.
- You feel sleepy during dinner.
- You feel even sleepier when you wake up and wash your face.

You know you are even sleepier when...(you need to sleep right NOW!)
- You say yes when your friend ask you to have "fuck rice" for lunch.
- You ask your friend who just say he/she is "busty" if you could grab and feel if it's so.
- You get your subordinate into the room, lock the door and starts stripping after he/she ask you if he/she could "have a sex" with you.
- The parents of the children who submitted the homework in the image above that their children is really clever to have answered everything correctly.
- You practically eat dinner with your face.
- You use the toilet bowl as your washing basin to wash your face.


Huei Ying said…
Haha anyone wants "Duck" Rice? :D

Hit me back! Have a nice sunday~
Kellaw said…
lol. babymocha it actually happened. my friend was telling me there was this nice "fuck" rice in sunway the other day. hahaha.
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