Samsung Jet S8003 vs iPhone 3GS

My friend in the office who owned an iPhone 3GS had asked me to write up a fair comparison between the 2 phones. The Samsung Jet is said to be the iPhone 3GS killer but is that so? I took my friends phone and played with it for the whole day and here is what supposed to be a fair comparison between both phones.

In my opinion from the review of both phones, I found that there are certain features which are better than the other. This is a rough guide on the comparison. Be reminded that mine is a Samsung Jet S8003 and not S8000.

In terms of camera, the iPhone has a 3 mega pixel cam compared to the Jet's 5 mp camera with dual flash and anti shaker which I think isn't functional from the blurred pictures in my last post. The battery and talktime is nearly the same so there is no need to mention about both but there had been sites which offers a better battery life on he iPhone. We didn't test till both phone runs out of battery so I can't be sure of this.

In terms of size and weight, the iPhone's dimension is 115.5mm x 62.1 mm x 12.3 mm, 135 grams compared to Jet's 108.8mm x 53.5mm x 11.9mm, 110 grams. The iPhone is slightly larger and heavier but it comes with a 3.5inch display as compared to Jet's 3.1 inch. I see it as a give and take between the size and the screen. One difference is the amoled which saves more energy but works badly when held under sunlight. The edge the iPhone has over the Jet is that it supports multitouch. The 2 finger zoom had it's advantage in comparison as the Jet's 1 finger zoom always gives the problem of accidentally going into zoom mode when you want to click on links and stuff on the browser. There is also the missing iPhone copy and paste function in Jet.

In terms of connectivity, both supports Wi-Fi and bluetooth although I failed miserable when trying to transfer data through bluetooth on the iPhone. There seems to be a lot of catching up in bluetooth which according to what my friend said had been an existing problem with iPhones. In iPhone the switching between Wi-Fi and GSM networks are done automatically compared to manually changed through profiles in Jet. There is a pro and con in both. On Jet, it's the hassle on manual changes while on iPhone, you risk paying for data usage bill if you are not careful. The iPhone also supports more frequency bands than Jet.

Jet has a build in FM radio receiver(only functional with a headset) which supports sound surround and it also supports Java which is not in the iPhone. One not of course is the problem faced in Jet is that certain Java programs could not be run and requires additional 3rd party software to run. In terms of applications there is the apps store for iPhone which of course requires money but the Jet has it's own widgets which is not that extensive compared to the apps store for iPhone. It had been "rumored" that Samsung will come up with an Apps store soon but hell knows when will that be.

iPhone supports voice control to play music and dialling but the Jet supports motion control for music and gesture for speed dialing. It boils down to what is more suitable for you in this case. Both has the 3.5mm universal jack for earphones. The build in memory for iPhone is 16 or 32 GB while the Jet has a 2 GB memory expandable up to 16 GB(written, tested with 32GB and works perfectly fine) with the micro SD card. For the comparison for both, the iPhone seems to have much more good on the go internal memory but in the Jet, it's about portability where I can just plug out the memory card and use it on my PC card reader. Again, it all depends on what you prefer.

The video playback on both is 30 frames per sec but Jet supports extra video formats. In terms of browser, the iPhone wins hands down. Jet comes with the dolphin browser which supports up to 5 pages(tabs) and flash but lacks the functionality there. It is said that Opera could be used on Jet but I have not tried it yet. If it's true, we might have a competition here. The speed? 800Mhz on Jet and 600Mhz on the iPhone. It's true that the 800 might look impressive but a comparison is that it allows multitasking but at the same time slows your phone. On iPhone, there seems to be less lag.

In terms of OS, both uses their proprietary OS. It's consider safer on iPhone as it controls the software used but it also comes with a price. The amount of messages you can keep in Jet is limited(500) compared to the limitless(limited by phone memory of course) amount. In terms of 3G, iPhone seems to have the lead with double the lead supporting 7.2Mbps HSDPA compared to 3.2Mbps in Jet. Jet has the support of micro USB data cable for transfer. In the iPhone you have the digital compass but in Jet there is no where to be found. The only thing close to it is in the *#0*# in the sensor test(#) compass.

And finally of course it's the price we are all concerned about. Jet is half the price of an iPhone 3GS if you haven't already know yet.

Note:- This review is written to give a hopefully fair comparison between both the phones for users before they choose to buy and decide what suits them better. It's in no terms to condemn one phone over the other. The specifications here are correct at the time of posting.


foongpc said…
Thanks for this review! : )
Kellaw said…
lol. you plan to buy either one of them?
The two phones are kinda in different leagues though.
Anonymous said…
Nothing beats the iPhone and Apple's awesome app store!
Kellaw said…
kelvin - i consider both in the same league as both are so called smart phones in terms of usability and features. just not in the price league.

ariff - if you read properly both had place they did badly. i doubt one is better than the other. just that in the end it's what the user wants and suits them. lets see it in a different perspective. no point having all the apps in the world when you dont use them right? then without the apps would iPhone be downright useless?

guess what? i just found the gps with maps(for free) unlocked from the phone. now i have an integrated navigator with compass and map.
Shir said…
Great, I Think Jet is great but b4 I buy, tell me how did you get the GPS navigator free?

and how long does your battery last when you listen to the music for one or two hours and make like 15 calls a day?
Kellaw said…
shir - read my review here -> . actually i am on headphones the whole day except during classes listening to music. i made occasional calls too and i still have the 4/5 bars at night. if you are to set the volume to max and make 3g calls it should last you around 6 hours(call non stop). it still depends on how you tweak your phone. on gsm it lasted around 8++ hours for me with prior usage on radio

the navigation part is through a series of codes which you enter to the phone and the navigation icon will show.
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