Mobile Youth Unconference Asia 2010 VVIP passes giveaway

Are you one of those youth who can't leave your mobile down even for a second? Are you one who tweets, msn and facebook on the go? Wanting to have your views heard on how should mobile technology should have been? Look no more! I am giving away 6 VVIP passes to the Mobile Youth Unconference Asia 2010 which will be held in TPM, KL to 6 lucky people who could comment BEFORE 11.59pm 2nd MARCH 2010 and tell me why they should be given the passes here. The 6 best answer wins the passes.

So what are you waiting for? Post away, make sure you are free on the 11 and 12 of March and start praying. The VVIP passes are NOT ON SALE. You can read more on the conference HERE(

Note: Please include your email and name in your comment in the following format just so I could get you guys. This giveaway will be closed at 11.59pm 2nd March 2010. You can submit more than 1 comment but only 1 pass will be given!

name: eg. sakai
email: sakai at hotmail dot com

The list of ppl who won
azrin arizz
jean Yong fui chin
Kevin cheng
Suresh Para Kumaran
Philippe Lai
Taylor Ling
Rahul SK

You guys will get your email soon.


Anonymous said…
I think I could benefit from the conference as some of the things that I am unaware of can help me one way of the other. I helps me understand more about something which have been floating in my mind over the past years everytime I tweet or facebook. Last but not least. Meet with interesting people who enjoy something that I enjoy. :)
Jean said…
Would really love to see what is going on in there and see if I can meet more interesting people out there who share same interest with me!

*typo previously...XD

Taylor Ling said…
Would love to have the pass to get to know the youth trend and everything ... And to see how brand has been interacted with us, youth would be really fun and add experience ... :)

Taylor Ling
taylorling86 at gmail dot com
FeeQ said…
I'm the one who live with the internet world and of course mobile. Without MSN, Facebook, Twitter and of course blog I can die *wink*

I was use my N95 8GB to tweet, FB and serve net and I believe that I need more experience in the mobile world!
Hew said…
I'm a freelance writer, translator and editor with a focus on youth interest, particularly passionate about creative activities such as art, comics, games and other hobbies/entertainment.

I'll appreciate it if you'll give me an opportunity to gain further understanding of the youth culture from this Unconference. =)It'll be put to good use to better this world in some way one day, I promise.

Name: Ezel
Email: hewezel at gmail dot com

Thank you!
philippecr said…
I would love to know the latest mobile technology, trend and wats going on now. And meet up with other people who tweets, msn and facebook on the go. :)

Name: Philippe Lai
Email: philippecr [at]

Thank you!
+ Suresh + said…
I personally feel i should get my hands on the invites simply because being a blogger myself and a tech crazy guy..i bet this conference suits me the most as i use facebook,twitter msn even on the go..and towards this era of of telecommunication that is on the would be awesome to attend a conference like this and not to mention having your own say or rather share your point of view with others would be good as we don't really get many chances like yea..i'm taking it as something new and not forgetting since i'm an IT student myself and the conference is taking place in Technology Park Malaysia,which is where my uni is as well..thinks are even more awesome!!

hope i get it!!

Suresh Para Kumaran

DiEsE said…
Let see...
I eat, drink, shit mobile technology... lol
Would love to tweet up, msn-ing & FB-ing with new people out there.
Where to fulfill this?!
Mobile Youth Unconference Asia 2010 of course!

Name: DiEsE
Email: diesediese(at)hotmail(dot)com
Anonymous said…
I am some-one who has widely used facebook and more recently twitter on the go.Such social media are means for us to express our views amongst the internet community and make our selves heard.

I would like to attend this mobile youth conference so i could learn more of the mobile technology and voice out my views as to how to mobile technology could be changed to benefit the youths today.

Rahul SK
Kevin Cheng said…
I can't let go my phone even when I am sleeping. I have this very bad habbit where after I shutdown my pc, I will still use my iPhone to go online for fb, twitters and some other social networks thingy. I always tell myself to sleep early but failed because this very bad habbit.

I don't think so my comments will be the best one to be selected but I m just sharing with u all here, how bad is the habit with my phone. But afterall, I still like it this way. LOL...

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