Cup Holder

Yes I am back from my long leave and things had somehow settled down for me. A lot had happened since I was away. Another scoutmaster who is close to me went home to the lord. So is another scholarship mate who is in the same college as me. Somehow I felt that life is really fragile. I am going to graduate soon. Results will be out soon and I will see if stopping my blogging activities does really help. The best part? I am employed right after my finals. Actually it should be before as I had confirmed.

So what about the cup holder thing? That you will know soon. There is this auntie in the office(not my current office) who is the tea lady and the boss saw her being so lonely and asked me to set her up with a computer so she could spend her time better. Well the setting up part also means I am going to be her personal trainer to train her on how to use it. Anyways down with the training on how to on and go online and stuff then I am back to my work.

2 days after that, she called me from the other end of the building where she was seating and told me she somehow broke her cup holder. I was like what cup holder? And what has that got to do with me if it's a cup holder.

Auntie: Boy come help me with my cup holder. I think I broke it le.
Me: What cup holder? I don't know anything about cup holders and our office got cup holder?
Auntie: It comes with the computer you give me one.

Me: Huh? (*scratches my head). Comes with the computer? I don't remember giving you a cup holder with the computer. And if there were any cup holder I would use it to put my cup instead of giving you.
Auntie: Haiya! Why you so susah(hard) one? You come here I show you.
Me: ok...

So I walked dragged myself all the way to her side and I laughed like a mad idiot that most colleagues look at me like I am some alien from mars. She blushed like mad when she see me laughing. Seriously I was having this stomachache due to the overdose of laughing that day. You guys want to see the cup holder? Scroll down and look

Image taken and edited from the internet.


Ken Wooi said…
lol.. so convenient! =P
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