BlackBall Dessert Penang Pulau Tikus Review

Went for a review on a new Dessert store around Pulau Tikus and found a gem indeed. I would say the price is a little high but reasonable for the taste and what you get.Located same row of the Pulau Tikus Police Station opposite 7-eleven.
Delicious... Yes... Refreshing... Yes... Irresistable... Errr... If this is a yes then I would be in deep trouble... But nevertheless I can say I would return anytime for their desserts.
The UFO that rings when your order is ready
Their signature dessert which is the Blackball signature. Comes with grass jelly, red beans, taro balls, red bean ice and black pearls.
This is a must try... Winter melon tea with sky pearl.. The pearl taste like gummy bear!!
Boba milk tea is another signature drink although I prefer the Fresh Milk Grass Jelly more.
BlackBall combo... with imported barley, grass jelly, black pearl, taro balls and lotus seed.

Environment: 4/5  (Great place to hang out with good lighting but caters only for small groups - round tables)
Service: 4/5 (The staffs are attentive when taking orders plus the use of UFO for self service)
Taste: 4/5 (Something fresh and not too sweet - you could choose to have less sugar)
Consistency: 4.5 (Good old drinks like what I had the first time.. Haven't tried the desserts again thou..)
Price: 3.5/5 (Not really expensive for the ingredients given and also their location. Most desserts and drinks range between RM5.9 and 6.5)
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