Joyous cafe review

 The penang Heritage food trail brought me to this hidden place.. I didn't really know this place exists till that very day.. For me this cafe is unique in the sense that not only does it lies in the heritage zone of Penang and occupying one of the old pre war buildings but somehow you have the new sense of feeling that this is a modern outlet.
 This cafe located at 5, Union Street would remain hidden from the main road but you could google map them out.
 Here we have Aerilynn interviewing the 3 of the 4 owners who are there with us that day.
 We have the Penang Heritage food trail project banner and well you would be surprised at the concept of this store.. They specialize in baby full moon products and at the same time caters for health drinks.
 You can preorder some full moon packages which comes with name cards for your baby.
 Even the furniture are somehow condusively modern in this heritage zone. It gives you the Fullhouse(another cafe) kind of feeling.
 Their specialty joyous buns but I am not really a fan of softrolls with custard but you could try them out. Personally I feel they are more of health food for me.
 Fresh from the oven...
 Cheese cake. This is what I really came for.. They were marvellous and priced at RM6.50/piece
 And this! We have a mixture of fruit drinks and their detox and health benefits. I did recommend the Spinach Smoothies which comes with a soft touch of sour plum. I'd also recommend the Red Apple Carrot. The taste is quite nice actually.
 Well, this is me with my weird hairstyle which is getting longer by the day...


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