Chicago Rib House Review(Non Halal)

 This was supposed to be up for some time now but well it's here now.. Recently Chicago Rib House had a new menu serving pork here in Penang Gurney Plaza. So me and a few of the bloggers decided to go and have a try.
 World famous pork ribs
 The halloween theme decos
 They basically have nearly everything. Talk about getting drunk
 One of the signs in the restaurant
The story of how the ribs came by
 Our drinks. All are alcoholic except one that I had later which was the Pine Slussy was non alcoholic and recommended refreshing tasting drink
 This is the Quesadillas. Best eaten when it's still hot and crispy. and when the cheese are real hot.
 Oriental wedge salad that somehow this dish taste like peanut butter to me.
 Trio Sampler. A must try if you are here.
 Here we have Mark with his European Herbal Tea(aka BEER la...)
 Pork Ribs in Flaming Kansas City Sauce. This is the main dish. The ribs are roasted using only hickory wood. My mum who doesn't really eat much, just had the baked potato sideline on my second visit there. So I can say no complains about it.
 The only problem I have with this dish is the consistency of the taste. I went back 3 times and once it's the best and freshest I had. The second was with my dad and it is fresh(from the freezer that is as both of us could taste the distinct refrigerator taste). The third time was so-so.
 Grilled Bourbon Chicken for those who are worried about getting fat as this is 2 boneless chieken breast grilled lightly with cheese.
8oz Pork Tenderloin. 2 very small portion for a maincourse but satisfaction guaranteed for it. I think this would be a good "sideline" for those heavy eaters.
 Southwestern Chilli Pasta was another dish to try. The fresh ripe tomato taste was real distinct in this and the taste one of a kind.
 Just another version of the Pork Tenderloin with different sides.
Lastly we have the dessert which is the Brownie Royale. Chocolate brownie with ice cream on top with a sprinkle of almond chips.

So as a conclusion

Environment: 4/5  (Great place to hang out with good lighting for fine dining thou I did prefer to sit outside when I am in a group)
Service: 3/5 (The staffs are most of the time attentive but I noticed that at times they would slack a little)
Taste: 4/5 (Most of them taste good on the right day)
Consistency: 2.5/5 (2 not so good experience and only 1 good one with the taste/freshness)
Price: 2/5 (a little high on the expensive side)

Oh yes they have a new branch in 1 Utama KL. I have yet to visit that branch. Maybe I will when I get back to KL over the weekends.


LauraLeia said…
I heard the Penang one is the first one. :D I went to try the one in 1Utama when it opened recently. The pork ribs were delicious indeed, although since i haven't been for a 2nd time, not sure if the taste is consistent or not. XD
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