Restaurant Zi Zai Review (non halal)

I was invited for a food review at this hidden restaurant at the Paya Terubong area in Penang. Little did I realize that this restaurant was already well known to people around the area. Known for it's "home cooked food" like dishes, the owner tries his best to give the highest quality food at the cheapest affordable rate to his customers.(I actually talked to one of the regular customers there to find this out)

This is Poon Choi/Pun Choi or also known as Big Bowl Feast, an original traditional Cantonese dish. 

It has Sea Cucumber, Yam, Chestnut, Roast Duck and Chicken, Pork Skin, Stewed Pork topped with Fresh Prawns, Abalone Slices, Meat Balls, and Brocolli. Priced at RM 418, this is definitely a catch that could serve a family of 12 persons eating this dish alone. The down side is that you would need to order at least a day earlier and pay a deposit as it takes time to prepare this dish.

Next priced at RM10 we have the Stir Fried Romaine Lettuce which in my opinion is one of the common dishes cooked at home which would suit from old to the young ones.

Then we have the Bean Sprouts with Sauteed Bacon and Preserved Egg Yolk

Zi Zai's signature UHAHA and ULALA which would definitely make you go ULALA. Priced at RM12 each, you get fresh prawn and clams which would definitely go well with rice or eaten alone.

We then have the Pork Knuckle braised with potatoes. The potatoes were cooked till soft and best of all it absorbed the taste which makes this a must try. This dish is priced at RM 20. One sure way to order this dish is to shout "TUKAR!!!"(which means change in Malay language or Pork Leg in the Hokkien dialect)

"Budae Jjigae" or Korean for Army Base Stew is just one of the few things that the chef is experimenting on. Served with local ingredients like luncheon meat, mini sausages and cheese, this dish is a little spicy and best served with noodles. This dish would be one of the dish I would return for if I visit there and if the chef decides to do this in the mass. 

Another one of the chef's experimental dishes. A fusion of Asian and Western taste, this mew creation, Mantis Shrimp Thermidor with Yaki Udon is baked with a layer of cheese on the top. While the cheese taste is a little soft in this, I find this dish unique on it's own catering for the young ones.

Environment: 3/5 (Clean chinese shoplot hawker style)

Service: 3/5 (The staffs are friendly and helpful)

Taste: 3/5 (Original taste and the chef always experiment with new dishes and cooking style)

Consistency: 4/5 (I didn't get the chance to visit again but from the conversation with one of the aunties, it's quite consistent)

Price: 4.5/5 (One of the cheap and good chinese restaurants)
Facebook Page:
Address and Contact:

1239-G Ground Floor,Jalan Paya Terubong , 11600 Penang, Malaysia

Business Hour: Mon: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Wed - Sun: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Tel: 04-8265713
GPS: 5.387682,100.273861


LauraLeia said…
Wow! The poon choy looks good. And the 'experimental' Korean dish sounds good too. What makes me drool is probably the prawns and lala dish, hehe!
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