Print your memories and tell a story with Printit

Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words. For me as a photographer, traveler and blogger, it is actually much more than that. Every picture tells a story on its own. What better way to tell that by sending a limited edition custom postcard from Printit?

Be it people who made a difference in your life, pets that meant everything to you or some important events in your life? 

You could just print out your most beautiful pictures taken and post them to your friends

What better way to keep memories of those perfect sceneriesyou ever captured without needing to worry if your hard disk, pendrive or phone going dead on you losing most precious memories?

You could also print out pictures from your recent travel trips.

Or your life experience.

Print them direct from your mobile device. Print as you go while traveling and have them sent direct to your doorstep.

Here are just some of the printings available.. The square prints and also their new limited edition custom postcard prints.


Go to or just download from Google Android Play Store. It is also available on iOS.

 Print pictures from the ease of your mobile device.

Now for the giveaway of RM5 vouchers, tell me why you would like the voucher for? The most creative 10 gets an RM5 voucher code.


Camy said…
been wanting to get this so badlyy! You know what, imma a photography lover too! Hope that i can win this so i can put some of my artwork in my purse or files or give it to my friends so they will remember me whenever they see it! :D Thanks for the giveaway anyway :D
Eriol Loh said…
I want it to print out all my memories of life i take al lot of photo but i never get a real chance to print them out.
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