offering cashbacks while shopping online on sites like Fave!

In collaboration with Shopback Malaysia, I was invited to review their cashback while you shop online experience. What I did was I just Signed up for an account(they take FB login too)

I already knew I am going to buy some electronics and have been buying Fave by Groupon Vouchers and some other sites for some time now. Sites which offers great discounts like this and other popular sites like Lazada, Taobao, Foodpanda(FOODS!!!! Delicious food delivered by Foodpanda),, Expedia, AliExpress and AirAsiaGo.

YES! We need to be prudent in savings and spending in this bad times right?

What if I tell you now you could Earn cashback with Shopback when you're online shopping? Yes, now I could get cashback when shopping through Fave by Groupon. And yes, it's also on top of your discounts and vouchers on those sites, at the same time while collecting points & cashbacks from your credit cards and also loyalty points from collaboration companies to those sites(AirAsiaBig/B Infinity)?

Let me break it down and sum it up for you:

Say I buy something for 2k MYR:
  • Say site like Lazada offers 50% discount on sale = 1k MYR savings
  • Extra Lazada vouchers code savings (google em) = Typical 15 MYR savings
  • Then Shopback offers 1.5% cashback(Some category offers 11%) = ~14.78 MYR Savings after previous discount(1.5% of 985MYR)
  • Cashback for conventional credit card @ 3% = 29.55 MYR Savings + ~985 Card points
  • On checkout, you can select to enter B Infinity/AirAsiaBig points = ~985 Card points
TOTAL LOYALTY POINTS: 985 on credit card + 985 on Bcard/AirAsiaBig

The more you shop, the more you save, the site offers different cashback rates. Some much higher than what I have shown.

Here is a sample of what I am earning, for first signup, you get a sign up bonus of 5 MYR, 2 purchases gives me ~13 MYR so MYR 18 in savings just from 1 transaction. =)

Click HERE to signup and get extra RM 5 cashback on your first purchase

p.s. Wanna save more? shhhh.... go help your friends on their purchases.. Mwahahahahaha!!


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