IndoBowl Indomie @ Tryst Cafe Review

Someone once told me "The best instant noodles are those cooked by others!". I always wondered why? It's the same pack, same boiling in water same cooking but why people still go to mamak for their mi goreng. I finally found the answer in IndoBowl. Signature Sambal to die for.

p.s. and mum would murder you for dirtying her kitchen too right?

 Hidden in the middle of SS15 is this 2 storey Cafe which is home to the IndoBowl serving IndoMie with a twist.

The top floor and the front of the ground floor are open air while there's the more comfortable air conditioned non smoking area inside.

 Simple plain single serving IndoMie but what makes it so special? The secret lies with its home made Signature green or red sambal mixed with the noodles, topped with a large grilled juicy and tender chicken chop/breast and a sunny side up.

Now imagine this. The egg yolk exploding in your mouth filling it with warm juicy yolk melting on your tongue..

Not a fan of grilled? Try the Battered Chicken Chop instead. Crispy on the outside, Juicy on the inside.

Or a simple lightly marinated with salt & pepper which preserves it's natural taste and then grilled to perfection Grilled Lamb Rack to top your noodle.

 Feeling so hungry you could eat a cow? Order the Mambo Jumbo! 4 portions of noodles, 4 diff meat, 4 times the satisfaction. Or just challenge your friends to see who finish last to pay the bill. Don't murder me if you lose please. =)

Imagine this, a knife cutting the meat right in the middle, warm meat juices start flowing out and steam rises. You cut a slice and put it into your mouth. The oil melts on your tongue.. *gulps* Ok That's it! I am leaving to go for dinner now.. But wait... More information?

The price? About the same with regular mamak mi goreng.

Base price for IndoBowl with signature sambal and egg: 5.9MYR
Grilled/Battered Chicken Chop: 12MYR
Ribeye Steak 100gm: 14MYR
Grilled Salmon 100gm: 21MYR
Grilled Lamb Rack 100gm: 18MYR
Grilled Sausage: 3MYR
Tempura Prawns 5pcs: 10MYR
Chicken Breast 100gm: 7MYR
Grilled Meatballs 4pcs: 7MYR
Sambal: 3MYR
Egg: 2MYR
Indomie Serving: 3MYR

Mumbo Jumbo: 80MYR consisting of 4 servings of IndoMie, Signature Sambal, 4 eggs, Ribeye Steak(changeable with Lamb for those who doesn't take beef), Grilled Salmon, Grilled Lamb Rack and Grilled Chicken Chop

Address: Tryst Cafe, 74, Jalan SS 15/4c, SS 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 6pm - 1am

FB page:

Other bloggers who was invited for the review. Anyway I went back again after a week from the review and I found their food to be real consistent.


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