Kouzu Japanese Tapas Bar & Restaurant TTDI Review

When we talk about Japanese food, the first thing that comes into mind would be cold food like sashimi and sushi and hot food are often associated with ramen? What if I tell you there's more than that? Something that warms the stomach. Something fusion and hearty that you can't just get in normal Japanese restaurants in KL.

Here is the mini highlight of this restaurant

Introducing Kouzu right in Taman Tun Dr Ismail

It's a spacious restaurant which also doubles as a bar.

They have an open bar concept where you get to take a sip while looking at your food being prepared

Want something more private? Try their private room with no minimum charges but with a minimal pax enough to cater for a small function away from general public

There's a huge selection of Japanese Liquors available

And also Japanese and other Whiskeys which I am sure you would find one that suits your taste

Now lets talk about foods shall we?


Lets start off with their Roasted Pumpkin with Rocket Leaves Salad topped with sweet juicy strawberries. Definitely a vegetarian's choice I would say

Then we move on to their Sashimi Salad with Wasabi Mayo, one for the sashimi lovers as the portion is definitely generous with various sashimi cuts on top of the greens


Then we have the Tapas and first thing that one could think of would be Gyoza. Grilled to crisp at the bottom with juicy and warm chicken fillings slowly melting on your tongue. What else could pair best with this other than a glass of whiskey?

Then we have the Pan Seared Tuna on top of a layer of Foie Gras. Best eaten when it was hot and juicy. Best pairing would be a glass of wine.

Then we have the more filling selection for the big eaters, Baked roll sushi topped with Diced Scallop.

Some said oysters are best eaten fresh and juicy.. I say nay.. I personally liked it more with cheese and a glass of wine while socializing. No messy hands too =)


Wings minus the hassle of dealing with the sharp ends. Just the juicy mid wings grilled to perfection.

Juicy Sirloin grilled and served with a touch of fresh lemon juice

My personal favourite, the rock lobster, fresh and juicy minus the pain and mess of removing the shells =)

One could almost smell it roasting on the charcoal from miles away and not be mistaken by the distinct smell of grilled shiitake.

Okra aka Ladies fingers.


One would have always thought Udon is always served with soup and rarely would one see it dried. This was cooked to perfection with a little spiciness in it and would be one to fill the tummy.


Then we have the donburi aka Japanese rice bowls served with cold cut Sashimi cubes, avocado and Ikura

Then we have the hot bowl of all my personal favourites in a single bowl containing grilled Unagi, Hotate(Scallop), Ebiko, Mushroom, Minced Chicken and Onsen Tamago(Egg cooked just perfect that the yolk will just burst inside your mouth..

Medium rare beef topping the rice with an Onsen Tamago. A must try for all beef lovers


Then we have the 4 inch Japanese Pizzas with its thin crust made from Japanese rice topped with juicy exotic escargot *winks*

For those who are not that adventurous on escargots, they could try the salmon version which taste just as good as the previous

I am one for saving the best for the last. Hidden in their special menu is this special roll that I could only say you have gotta taste it for yourself.

A wide range of cigars and alcohol are also available on sale.

My take? You have gotta try this one.

Kouzu Malaysia
18, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1,
Taman Tun Datuk Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +6018 366 3987 / +603 7733 9309

Operating Hours: 4pm - 1am daily


Special thanks to the owner, Andrew for hosting us and Racheal from Foodilifecious for the review invite


Puiyeesss said…
Wow!! All looks so delicious!!

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