Live on the Wok Iftar @ Verandah Restaurant, Cyberview Resort & Spa

Mention Cyberjaya and Putrajaya to people from KL and they would tell you it's hard to get good food around. What if I tell you they are wrong? While it doesn't come from the conventional place of a warung, Verandah Restaurant in Cyberview Resort and Spa does offer something that others does not.

Food at a 5 star resort. Must be expensive right? Nope. Price is actually affordable and even more on weekends.

Yes you read it right. WEEKENDS are cheaper. So now you have a place to go sightseeing on the weekends with your family and indulge in good food, great ambient of a 5 star resort.

What I really like about their concept is the rows of open air garden action stalls(of course they are connected with gazebos to shield the harsh weathers)

Gulai Kawah. Not one, not two.. All different meat and flavours

Then we have the Kerabu Melayu which offers a variety for mixed salads

Then we have the Taufu Bakar where they are prepared hot when you order them so you get the best taste

Fresh, hot and finger licking good. Yes best eaten while being held between 2 fingers =)

Then we have the Masak lemak station where you choose what meat you want and the friendly chef would cook it for you. Talk about warm at heart food.

Fried bananas, cucurs and curry puffs just fried.

Asam Tempoyak. You choose the type of fish you want and the chef serves you hot and freshly made. I actually chose this as a starter to warm the stomach and never regretted

Kambing Golek served with arabic rice. A must try for all Lamb lovers

Then we have the satay station. Juicy Chicken in skewers BBQed till the oil from the skin turn into a crisp served with peanut sauce and condiments. Do I need to describe more?

Then we have the famous fried carrot cakes

Cooked by the chef in small portion and made to order to maintain the quality. Best ordered with a touch of chilli and eaten when hot.

Oh yeah, I also got my char kuey teow fix there. They do also serve fried noodles.

Fresh hot steamed dimsum prepared by the chef.

It was a rainy day when I went there for dinner and the sight of something steaming really warms the stomach.

Sotong Kankung with assorted sauce and grounded peanuts and sesame

They also serve pizza right from the oven. Mozarella cheese still sticking as you pull a slice off..

My personal favourite. The deepfried crispy Musang King Durian rolls.. As a durian addict, I could never have enough of this.

For those who just want to sit and relax, they also have the indoors stalls serving japanese sushi

They also serve a variety of Teppanyaki

and cold noodles!!

Other than those they also serve local food like bubur lambuk, assorted curries with roti paired with delicious soups such as the sup kambing

BBQ stations featuring steaks and my favourite lamb shoulders served with my favourite black pepper and mushroom gravy

Did I mention they serve live prawns?

Sure or not live prawns for that price and buffet sumore le.. Of course

Jumping live tiger prawns.. Direct into wok cooked for you by their chef

Errr.. Can I stay here and eat and not leave? Poached prawns. No additional flavours needed

They also serve it fried with salted egg style

Then we have the chili flower crabs. Hot from the wok dipped with freshly ordered fried Mantou. A must try for seafood lovers

As for desserts, they feature a section for kids with chocolate fountain, cupcakes and fresh popcorns

That's not it, they also feature a huge variety of cakes, jellies

And of course Malay Traditional kueh to make the berbuka experience sweeter.

Did I mention Special ice creams? Wait what? Chicken rendang ice cream? Yes. It's a must try.

So how much does it cost to dine here?

138MYR NETT/adult pax 69MYR NETT/kid for weekdays and only 100MYR NETT/adult pax 50MYR NETT/kid on WEEKENDS(Sat & Sun)!! Kids below 5 eats for free

So how do we get there?

Verandah Restaurant,
Cyberview Resort & Spa,
Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 7,
63000 Cyberjaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: (603) 8312 7091/7092


GPS: 2.924353,101.667666


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