Sweat it all out with ease even when you are watching a movie

Ever wondered if you could sweat it all out even while you are watching TV and eating chips at the same time? No, not in the sauna. Who would eat chips in the sauna anyway? That calls for BBQ chicken wings on the hot rocks(Note: I am not responsible if you destroy the sauna room). Nah, I am talking about JonLivia's ActivPants S+ and Activ Hot Belt which helps me to sweat it all out and keep in shape.

Those who know me would know that as a food blogger, we always eat and sit hours on end to edit pictures and blog. So what naturally happens? One would get larger calves and flat butt... This is made worse when we work in an office with little to none walking around needed. So how do we keep slim? How do we sweat it out without lifting a single toe? If you are on light walks, jogs, hikes, how do you maximize the sweat loss and calories burned? That was my main concern at the time before I got to know about JonLivia

I started to jog in the gym with the ActivPants S+ and just walking down to the gym alone, my calves are already wet as though I just came out from a shower. Now imagine a 20 minutes work out and you sweat like you just had an hour of workout. But now I have another problem? I can't stop eating.. How to burn out the spare tires?

Use a hot belt lor... After just 30 minutes of using, I could still feel the burning of oil on my spare tyres. It's as simple as wear them for 30minutes to an hour everytime you feel like it and it would really sweat it out even while you are watching TV. So how do you get one of these? Go to https://jonlivia.com/ to order lor..


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