Terminal B Cafe Review

Those who know me would know I often travel around and most of the times finding good food. Why else would I work so hard and deprive myself of good food right? So I stumbled upon this cyclist friendly cafe. I know there are quite a few in KL and Selangor but in Malacca?

 It's actually a cafe inside a hotel with the same management. This is the main entrance of the cafe and the backdoor is the hotel lobby. So now cyclist could not only eat, they could also spend the night at ease when they cycle pass Malacca.

The "Backdoor" aka hotel lobby which also leads into the cafe so it doesn't matter if you are at the front or back

Yeap they have just recently opened and what's more is that cyclists gets 10% off!

For those who wants just a quick bite and then freshen up to continue on their journey, they provide free shower so you could stay refreshed.

The inner? Bicycle/Cyclist themed cafe sure got bicycle lor right?

Then we have the ornaments, medals and t shirt shop. p.s. the t shirt are those quick dry types.

Then we have the cosy dining area which is so big you could actually have a mini gathering here

 Oh yeah it's also fully air conditioned so you would feel more relaxed when dining. Well enough about the environment, lets move to the food

Mashed potato with black pepper brown sauce served with jumbo sausage. Then there's the flat white that pairs best with it.

Next we have one of their recommended dish. Well if they don't, I would also highly recommend this Curry Chicken Croissant Sandwich. If you are in for a light bite, this is definitely a must try, Order a cappuccino to go with it.

Next up for a full meal, go for their Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam. Yeap, no more number of fingers on one hand more than the number of peanuts and Ikan Bilis(anchovies) or that SD card sized omelette. Served with a gracious amount of crispy anchovies and roasted to perfection peanuts served with sambal and a piece of chicken, this one takes the trophy for a full meal. Pair it with the Ice cold Cyclist Power Drink made from mixed fruit juices from their slow juicer so you get the best out of the fruits.

For cake lovers, they specialize in mille crepe cakes and one of the highly recommended one is Peanut butter blueberry mille crepe. Not too sweet, just nice for the tummy =)

Interested already? Where can you find this cafe?

FB: http://www.facebook.com/terminalBcafe/
Address: 38, Jalan Rahmat 4, Taman Malim Jaya, 75250 Melaka
Phone: 018-917 4810
Operating Hours: 11am to 12.05am Daily
Website: http://www.terminalbcafe.com


David Verney said…

I actually found your blog post through Blog Facebook group. I just wanted to say that I love the way you combine plenty of pictures with interesting text. It's a great blog and I shall be looking out for you on that group from now on. Check out my post too if you like at daverney.com. You are always welcome :)
David Verney said…
Hi. I found your blog through Blog Facebook group. I just wanted to say that I love the way you combine great photos with interesting text. It's a great blog. I will look out for you in future. You are welcome to stop by my blog any time you get a moment. :)
Imemily said…

i wanna go here also said may be i can bump into leng zai cyclist xoxo
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