GINTELL Father's Day Promotion

Was working real late with bad posture lately in the office and well father's day is nearing so I went to the nearest mall near my house to see what I could get for my Papi.

Then I pass by GINTELL. Holla BUY 1 FREE 1 with Big Brother Simon Yam pic in front of the shop. Then the friendly staff asked if I wanted to try. Guess what I did next?

Duuhhh.. Of course go give it a try first la. It's a very much needed massage from all the long hours of sitting in the office.. Imagine having one of this permanently at home. I feel I would be sleeping on them as they are real comfortable. And with the buy 1 free 1 promo, maybe my parents would have a good one too =)

Things I like about this GINTELL DéWise Care butterfly massage is it's automatic sensing, You know some of us are real tall while some slightly less blessed. Imagine it 's supposed to be massaging your neck but is now wacking your head? That would be a complete disaster. With this chair, it senses where is your neck so you get the best massage out of it. It massages all the way from the neck to thighs in one single track with heat therapy and also with the calf and leg massager of course with 3D Rotational Guasa. Best cure for the tiredness when you walk a whole day in the mall shopping. It also has the memory program which stores your favourite setting. Some, you need to reprogram again but not this. Then there's also the one button program for Mom and Dad. Well Males and Females have different massage preference right =) Price? RM14,988 for 2 chairs which means one is only RM7,494. Expensive? They offer 0% interest installment up to 36 mths le.. depending on your credit card lor.

Then comes the next question.. Eh got space or not at home the chair so big? Actually they came up with the new Sofa styled DéVano S FUNtastic Sofa selling at only RM4,988(Red and Orange) for 2 unit of the sofa or the limited edition color Blue and Purple is RM5.588 also BUY 1 FREE 1

One thing I like about this sofa styled chair is that it's compact and it's portability. Unlike conventional massage chair, I wouldn't be moving from room to living room and vice versa right? It's lightweight and packs a punch. I like the 3D heated massage balls to the back and also to the thighs. I could feel it helping to ease my back tension from all the standing and sitting that I have build up while working in the office. I also feel the price of this is very reasonable plus I could get an extra chair for free *wink* and maybe use it in the living room while I watch TV

All in all I would say, each massage chair that I tested has their unique features and it helps if you go and test them physically to see which suits you best. For me the best would be the other chair aka DéVano SL priced at RM6988 for 2 units(BUY 1 FREE 1) which focuses more on the shoulder and neck. It gives me the feeling of a human hand pressing on the shoulder from left to right and right to left. I could feel it rubbing on my Muscle Knot Build up. It could be different for others so where to find the nearest store to try the massage chair? Go to their website @ and there's a store locator. Go fast while the BUY 1 FREE 1 stocks lasts


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