Delicious Mutton Curry recipe made easy with Mak Siti Spices

Those who know me personally would definitely know that I love mutton curry over any other curries and you know what is the hardest part? Getting the perfect recipe, mix and thickness. But then again us working adults would be too lazy to cook and it's definitely time consuming to buy the individual ingredients.

Why mutton curry you may ask? Trust me when I say this spicy dish is to die for. I could take a whole tupperware of this, order a roti kosong or 2 and eat it together. Maybe toast some bread and dip it in or at times just eat it on it's own. It's like Asian steak with gravy and the vegetables(I often use potato and carrots) as sides. =)

So what is the recipe?

Raw Ingredients:
  • 500g of boneless mutton cubes (1 frozen pack)
  • 300g of potatoes (About 2 potatoes)
  • 300g of carrot (About 2 carrots - Optional but I like mine with carrots)
  • 400ml of fresh coconut milk (1 coconut or use creamer if you want it to be "healthier")
  • water to simmer the curry

Ingredients to blend/pound:
  • 250g of onion (2 onions - Optional)
  • 25g of ginger

Dried ingredients for curry:
  • 50g of Rempah Curry Powder Mak Siti(2 X 25 gram pack)
  • 10-30g of Chili Powder Mak Siti(Optional depending on how spicy you want your curry to be)
  • 18g (3.5 teaspoons) of salt
  • 1-2 star anise
  • 1 cinnamon stick or just a dash or 2 of Mak Siti Cinnamon Powder
  • 5 cloves

I always bring to boil the meat in salt water to remove some oil and the strong taste before even cooking. Oh yeah it also helps to remove extra fats when it's still frozen as it's easier.

Then cut and clean the potatoes(and carrots) and bring it to boil.

The secret recipe.. Mwahahaha.. It's one pack does it all. Drop 2 packs of this with all the ingredients into the pot and viola... I am using my rice cooker because I am a lazy bump to even look after the fire and it's non stick while keeping it warm after boiling.

There. The final product. Add less water if you want a thicker curry. Do also take note that depending on the potatoes you use, it could get thicker the longer you cook.

The secret recipe, Mak Siti Spices Mix actually made it real easy. Imagine you have go and find them individually, grind the ingredients by yourself but wait, the amount of each is also another headache. With this no hassle powder mix, it's definitely a life made simple solution. P.s. They did their Research and Development on which mix tastes best.

Why not use paste you might ask. Well for one if it's with water, you would need preservatives and that is never good for health unless you wanna be mummified *smirks*. Then why Mak Siti? It's because the Rempah Ratus Mak Siti brand by Nasuha Ent Sdn Bhd has been well known through the years since 1975 as non MSG, Natural with no artificial colouring and flavour enhancers which also prides themselves with no preservatives. They also own one of the Largest Herbs and Spices Plantation in Asia covering an area of over 3200 acres producing 6-10 metric tons of raw herbs and spices daily.

Oh yeah, They are also available in Major Supermarkets around

They sell a large variety of herbs and spices mix for different cooking needs such as nasi briyani, fish curry, soy sauce fish, soto just to name a few. You could even try to cook your own Ayam Masak Merah with recipe from a fellow blogger, Aqalili.

There a sample dish of Soto that would cut your cooking time tremendously

Or the good old rendang for the coming Raya

Other than that they also sell dried powder of herbs in bottles that could be a great addition to your kitchen to enhance taste and flavouring to your dishes.

Oh yeah I was also invited to their Breaking Fast event lately where the owner did some CSR and introduced their new products coming to the supermarket real soon and I also get to try their sample dishes cooked using their herb and spices mix.

Where to get more information? Visit their Facebook at Rempah Ratus Mak Siti or Instagram at @rempahratusmaksiti or Website at


Aqalili Azizan said…
Kellaw and Mutton tidak dapat dipisahkan!
Mahamahu said…
Sedapnya nampak menarik resipi ni nak cuba nanti. Ingat masakan Mak Ingat Mak Siti..
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