Monday, July 20, 2009


Ok this is a short one.

The following happened in one of the medical camps where a retired soldier comes in for his physical checkup.

Doc - So, how old are you?
Soldier - 68
Doc - What's your height and weight?
Soldier - 169 and 76.
Doc - When was the last time you had sex?
Soldier - 1959
Doc - Isn't that a little too long a time to go without sex?
Soldier - I don't think so. Your clock says it's 2123

The doc laughed till the nurse came running in


Isley Chang said...

ya, i get the joke but i still ponder with the title "1959"?

Kellaw said...

sorry la my mistake. the year i put wrong liao. you see the time i update la. blur blur half awake

stephy-nie said...

lol. haha. good one!

btw, long time no visit your blog ady XD so heallo!

Kellaw said...

yalo. thought mana you missing pulak

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