How to answer when you are fed up

As some of you know, I am at Penang the past few days and haven't been getting any good rest since my arrival. I had been really busy that I didn't even have the time to blog here. Getting less than 4 hours of sleep daily to those who may know me would know that I would turn grumpy easily. Heck you don't want to disturb me when I am grumpy. Yes the worse is I will turn green and tell you "You don't want to make me angry!" like below.

So there was this guy asking me something while I was overloaded with stress rushing my report. Below is the conversation between us.

Guy : Hey, you know fastest way go to hospital anot?
Me : Just walk straight from here and turn right at the first junction. Walk straight till you see the hospital.
Guy : Far anot?
Me : 30 minutes walk
Guy : Har!!! So far ar?
Me : Take taxi lo
Guy : Taxi so expensive lea
Me : ...Take a bus lo(Getting fed up and the temperature of my head is approaching boiling point)
Guy : Bus have to wait very long and maybe later no bus sumore. Got fast and cheap way anot? Better if free one la. (obviously a cheapscate who expects me to fetch him there la but too bad I don't have any mode of transportation here other than walking or tumpang cars)
Me : You want a fast and cheap way go to the hospital? You see this road out here?
Guy : Ya!!
Me : Walk out there. Wait at the road side. Wait for a car to come near.
Guy : Then? (looking extremely interested)
Me : Then ar? Jump out as the car is nearing lo. I will help you call the ambulans. Sure fast and no need pay money for ambulans since it's the general hospital.
Guy : (walks away)

Yes, I may sound bad in this case but he basically asked for it. Too bad lol since I am not in a good mood.

Moral of the story? Don't bloody disturb someone when you see they are busy and stressed to the max. Learn to know when people are approaching their boiling point and also there is nothing free/cheap which is also good. You want something good and fast be prepared to pay the price.


Anonymous said…
i gt ansewer this type ANSWER b4...

i got one junior RUSHING down the stairs, thn he said CN MOVE FASTER?

thn i yelled at him:

"if u want fast, jump out the window, straight until 1st floor!"
(tat time v were at 5th floor)
Calvin Soo KJ said…
i wanna kacau make you grumpy can or not ah????
Anonymous said…
Luckily he didn't jump.

Or else, you'll need to run away lorl...
Reanaclaire said…
wow..did u really say that? so it is true.." u dont like me when i'm angry"
Anonymous said…
Actually.. kinda pity the poor guy.. although he should not disturb you when you are so so stressed with ur wrk.. but.. heh.. how on earth he know you are stressed wo? he is jz trying to find ways to reduce his expenses.. well, maybe it is his unlucky day to step on ur "tail".. hahaha.. but.. those that are around you that over heard this must be laughing..
Kellaw said…
lol jasmine. i thought you gonna tell him "you want fast ar? nevermind la i send you la" then... *thud! lol

Calvin you can try la. i will chase you 9 streets till you become thin. lol

hehe - he jump i just call ambulance for him la. call 999 is free one.

reana - i did say that la in a better manner lol. well i am not angry. just annoyed and stressed.

sin - pity mea? he already can sense one when i answer him in a way. no laugh la. they just roll on the floor hugging their stomach only.
Anonymous said…
That's what people will get if they disturb me when I'm stressed up too. =.= You go bro... lol
Kellaw said…
lol clef. rupa rupanya you also begitu ganas punya. lol
LauraLeia said…
That was good. REALLY good. :D
Kellaw said…
Laura thanks. hahaha
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